Dark Cloud

released on Dec 14, 2000

One of the PS2's first RPGs, Dark Cloud is a title that challenges players to not only strategise, battle and solve puzzles, but also to create geographical landscapes using the new Georama system. Gamers assume the role of a young boy named Toran on an unforgettable journey of rebirth, revival and hope. Unfortunately an evil demon spirit has been released and has left destruction in its wake and Toran must harness the spirit of those destroyed to rebuild the lands in time for an epic confrontation. True to life graphics should mesmerise gamers as they create villages complete with houses, hills, churches, volcanoes, and streams; they'll even be able to control the weather!

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why does the music in this 24 year old game that four people in the entire world know about sound so good!!!!!!!!!!

Procedurally generated dungeon crawlers were apparently my jam back in the early 2000s. The weapon "breaking" system was by far the worst decision they made and ultimately made me quit but I had already beaten the game by then so no big deal.

Extremely fun! Star removed because one of the back levels is just broken in the English release and also the fortune teller at Queens...

Creí que iba a ser más como Zelda, pero fue más como Ni No Kuni 2

Played it as a kid and recently replayed it to completion. A fun part city builder part dungeon crawler that fully welcomes the PS2 graphics. I remember back then this was marketed as the PS2’s Zelda and while not as engrossing story wise as one I felt like I enjoyed it as much.

The combat isn’t too annoying and is pretty straight forward with many different styles to fight. As the game goes on and you make the villages “perfect” it feels not only rewarding but cool because you can just plow through dungeons. While there’s the novelty of it being an early PS2 title I’d highly recommend the sequel over this as it just expands on everything better.

un JRPG qui aura bercé mon enfance; Histoire relativement simple, impliquant cependant une mécanique de remontée dans le temps qui n'est pas foireuse ce qui est un grand plus pour son époque!
Certaines cinématiques se rejouent encore dans mon esprit à ce jour, avec évidemment les musiques telles que The Spirit King et Ocean and Moon (énorme banger, les niveaux sur la lune)