Fire Emblem: Awakening

released on Apr 19, 2012

Armies clash as the world burns. As an inevitable war draws ever closer, you must stand with Chrom and his forces--knights, mages, archers, and more--commanding them against the armies of kingdoms, empires, and the dead themselves.

Plan your strategery. Move your troops on the battlefield, then choose their weapon and attack. Using the new Pair Up and Dual systems, support your attacks with the help of nearby allies and watch their skills and relationships grow.

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The first fire emblem game i beat. I loved it sm, i beat it in like 2 days, playing it almost nonstop. This game made me LOVE fire emblem

Yeah Cordelia is pretty cute 0-0

this game has some of the worst writing in rpg history but the characters are charming and also the team building in this one is very addictive.

gave the game another go and while it's not as bad as i remember and there was a lot of parts i thought were good, the game itself is just super boring. most of the characters are too one note for me to care beyond "their personality trait is annoying" or "i like their personality trait" and the story itself is incredibly uninteresting, even compared to some of the weaker fire emblem titles. it's a shame that the series went the direction it did since awakening as a launching point had a lot of good ideas and potential but i guess we had to run with mostly the bad ones for fates and just throw shit at the wall until it sticks after