Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

released on Feb 22, 2007

Radiant Dawn is a turn-based tactics RPG and a direct sequel, 3 years have passed, to the game "Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance" for the Nintendo GameCube. It features new magic, class upgrades, weapons, and a reworked forging system.

The game uses a somewhat upgraded version of the previous engine so the games look similar. You can carry over some data from the previous games save file but only a normal or hard mode file will work because a bug will cause the Wii to freeze if an easy mode save file is on the GameCube memory card.

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My favorite Fire Emblem game, certainly a title made for veterans of the series (especially those who have played Path of Radiance)
I really enjoy the mechanic of controlling different armies through different parts of the game, it gives you a reason to use the game's full roster and to be engaged in the story from every side.
One of the harder games of the series but the difficultly is for the most part fair rather than random or unfair

Radiant Dawn is definitely one of the best Fire Emblem games, and they get so creative with the different objectives through out the whole game. I would say it's a top 3 FE for me right now, and it's the perfection of the older style FE games. I do have a few nitpicks especially at the end but overall it was fantastic with a great story, wonderful characters, and spectacular FE gameplay.

Started strong,was fun but had a disappointing final act

this was just 30 hours of continuous sobbing for me idk about u guys

As of writing this, I haven't played much Fire Emblem. Only Engage, Shadows of Valentia and Path of Radiance.
This game knocks all of those out of the park. Fantastic soundtrack, excellent gameplay, good difficulty, GREAT plot and a fantastic pair of protagonists. Micaiah is great and Ike is my goat forever.

I can't fucking believe I'm saying this but
I believe very genuinely that this game needed to be even longer
It's honestly damn near perfect with about half a dozen moments of "wait, how did all that happen off screen" that we really should have seen and had a chapter dedicated to
add maybe six or seven chapters patching up those pacing oddities, and this is just perfect