Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

released on Oct 07, 2004

In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, you must help protect the nation of Renais from the invading Grado Empire. Plan your strategy, choose your units, and then lead your soldiers in to battle. The more experience your soldiers gain, the more you can upgrade their abilities. This time, your soldiers can gain experience by fighting new monsters in the Tower of Valni.

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Everything about this game is so...fine. The lords are fine, the cast is fine, the main bad guy is fine, and the plot is fine. The only thing that isn't really fine is the difficulty, in which it's one of the top three easiest FE's in the series. It's just so aggressively a 6/10.

Same as the other two GBA games. Good, unforgiving, great ost and story, the whole nine yards.

This entry's turn toward dark fantasy is appreciated, but it forever messed with the series' balance by allowing you to grind your way out of a tight spot.

played a weapon reversal hack this time, it was fun, eirika with lances is so much better tbqh

I pirated this onto a school "learning device" lmao learn this JOSHUA carry