Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust

Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust

released on May 26, 2023

Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust

released on May 26, 2023

DLC for Forspoken

Continuing her search for a way to eradicate the Break from Athia once and for all, Frey finds herself following a mysterious voice that leads her to a place that somehow transports her to the Purge of the Rheddig, the legendary battle that devastated Athia and eventually drove the Tantas to madness.

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Lo que demuestra este DLC son dos cosas:

1) El juego habría sido mucho mejor si hubiera tirado por la borda el mundo abierto más soso y pesado en mucho tiempo y se hubiera apostado por escenarios mas pequeños, detallados y divertidos de recorrer

2) En vez de mejorar el sistema de combate, destriparlo y darte solo una versión básica y limitada de este mismo no es una gran idea.

En general el desarrollo del DLC, tiene buen ritmo, interesantes conversaciones y una historia bastante apañada. Una pena que el juego base sea todo lo contrario.

In Tanta We Trust is fantastic in how it improves on the base game. By narrowing the focus to one area from the base game and highlighting two specific characters, it allows the developers to craft an even more compelling narrative. You are confined in one region in Visoria, where a new villain is ransacking the town and it is up to you to stop them.

What really works for this outing is that, while the DLC is condensed in nature, it doesn't feel that way. It starts off somewhat linear but opens up and you are able to traverse the area in an open world fashion just like the base game. It is confined to a specific area but there are several sub quests and points of interest that you can deal with in order to get more out of the game. I clocked in around 4 hours of total gameplay and that's pretty good considering I bout the DLC on sale for around $5.

Because of the focused narrative and smaller area, the developers were able to craft a more compelling narrative with vastly improved cutscenes. These felt movie quality at times and blew me away with how detailed and expressive they were. The characters are even more interesting, adding new layers to the previous story, and the villain is not only cool but also interesting throughout.

They were able to make a faction that was pretty dang evil in the base game, rather understandable by the end. There is a twist that I won't spoil that had me reevaluating the entire base game and that takes talent. In addition, the new powers and abilities are cool, while the gameplay shifts slightly to introduce this co-op fighting mechanic between the two characters that I found compelling. It is still single player but you control both characters movesets and they made it work really well. If you have finished Forspoken, give this a playthrough because it improves in just about every way, with fantastically epic boss fights and monsters that are supremely clever and showcase the talent of the developers. It really makes me want a sequel by the end.

So far a fair trade of being a bite-sized Forspoken experience: focuses on a small and fine-tuned enough magic system that upgrades gradually rather than drop it all in at once, and eschews the open world for a more linear and throughlined story (that's far better written and paced). Just some frustrations that both abandon some of the variety of the OG and have a couple of bad ideas (namely the sniper enemies).

i don't really got much to say tbh it's okay for what it is 6.5/10

i have to give it a higher rating than the base game just cause although they mark it as 4 chapters or so it actually feels like 1 mostly well paced chapter

they were feeling way too funny with that ending though, like me personally I would've been so embarrassed at how this game was talked about that I would've cut that final scene out LOL

A very short piece of dlc that works as a prequel to the main game. Which is somehow better because it’s at least a more focused affair. I admire that it has the cheek to end by setting up a sequel to Forspoken that will never fucking happen. The ffxv devs strike again! 😂