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como diabos acha a pagina secreta do ogro???

It's very clunky but it's fun as fuck. Shrek controls like a mess but the sheer speed and power you have unironically feels great. The objectives are all fun enough and the game doesn't overstay it's welcome.
Uhhh I mean based based kino cringe yahoo weeeeeeeeee haha pilled


The most BASED Shrek game. The speed on this green fuck is ridiculous!

the graphics are actually really cool as this is the first ever game to have differed shading and shrek actually is fun to control, he zooms around really fast and can wall jump really snappily, its like a weird mixture of how mario and sonic control and it doesn't feel bad if you can get in the rhythm of things honestly. only problem really is the camera is butt and the world design is eh and you cant see shit half the time because the games too dark, mostly due to showing off those cool shaders and lighting that the xbox can do. The levels are also usually pretty cramped and don't take advantage of our ogre's bizarrely nimble control style. Very strange little game, but honestly I don't think its dismissable shovelware, but it's also not really the pinnacle of xbox games, even as a launch title.

remember when DICE made a shrek game