The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

released on Dec 12, 1998

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX is an updated re-release of Link's Awakening with several new additions, the most notable of which being the entire game is now in color.

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played with a few patches i can't remember, mainly photo-related stuff and a nicer font. still shelved in favor of the remake.

It looks fantastic and it plays fantastic, which is quite the feat considering the hardware. They squeezed so much out of this game and it shows, but nowhere did ambitions get in the way.
Nagging dialogue boxes and extra tricky bosses aside, this game is an absolute gem.

Very fun foray into the handheld sector for Zelda, the game feels as good as ever to control and the dungeons remain engaging to this day, not to mention the concise story that still makes me tear up by the end.
Some things that bring it down a little are frequent need to switch items at times, as well as the prompts that show up any time you interact with obstacles like rocks, crystals and ice blocks which are very intrusive after the first time.

I remember getting pretty far in the original Game Boy version, but I never actually finished it and felt like I could redeem myself on stream and include this in my Legend of Zelda month.
Unlike usual, Link isn't here to save Zelda. In fact...she's completely missing as Link finds himself awaken on some island where he is meant to obtain instruments to hatch the egg of the Wind Fish and release it!
Beyond this, much of the game is exactly like your typical zelda game with all the dungeons to explore to obtain magical items that give you the ability to get to other locations and deeper into the island, closer to the egg on the top of the mountain!
I can't say too much without spoilers, but there are fun mini quests along the way and you need to help Link get out of here and make his way back to Hyrule.

My very first Zelda game. I have fond memories playing this together with my neighbor. Whenever someone made a new discovery, we'd meet up and share the info. Yet Link's Awakening was still to cryptic for us to actually finish. I'll get back to it!