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More like Arkham SHITE ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
nah actually it's pretty fun and the easiest one in the series to just jump into whenever you feel like it.

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o maligno dos video games , inclusive acaba do mesmo jeito

First finished Arkham Knight in 2021 on my PS4, so going into my PC playthrough I knew what was going to happen, this did not make it worse. Only better, I so missed the fluid combat and after playing Arkham Knight again, I think it further Improves upon the predecessors, I loved the gadget variety and the possibilities it opened up to, and a lot of people say the worst bit about this game are the car bits, but to me, they didn't really bother me, I liked driving in a tank, booming and blasting through Gotham. I loved the traversal system, zooming and gliding across the rooftops and I didn't mind the side content, in fact, I did them all except for those bastard riddler trophies. Though I will say the story is nice it just doesn't hold up to Arkham City, nonetheless, it's unique and fun to playthrough and overall it's an extremely nice way to finish off an amazing series.

Ein schöner Abschluss für die Reihe. Mit dem Batmobile durch Gotham zu sausen und im Panzer Drohen abzuschießen, ist geil, wenn auch leicht repetitiv. Dem Riddler auf's Maul zu hauen war SEHR befriedigend.

Last game of this trilogy (not including Origins) and its by far the perfected version of everything previous games did. Game aesthetics competes and sometimes personally I think it beats every other superhero game and makes new generation games look stupid with its great gameplay. Story-wise it's not that impressive at all but I still think this game has one of the best Batman storylines whatsoever.
Update: Still trying to complete Riddler challenges and AR Challenges, mad fun

I replayed this on a nearly expired Game Pass subscription, thats love

The most satisfying to Platinum, like for real. The Riddler is a great villain. But holy shit, I hated those announcements

Your enjoyment of the game will heavily rely on whenever you enjoy the Bat-Mobile gameplay. Considering my rating, i think its clear that i did enjoy driving the Bat-tank.

podia ser muito melhor, JOGO muito bem feito, mas com uma historia que eu nao curto muito. talvez pra mim seja " o pior batman " porque esperava mais

Man.. this game is one of the most overhated games I have ever played. Before playing this I heard a lot of critics that this game is bad and didn't age well. For me, it's not bad at all and this game aged like a fine wine.
For a 2015 videogame, the graphic this game has is incredible. The visuals of the raining Gotham city and the character designs are amazing and they fits
the tone of the story so well. I just love going to the wayne tower and then just hang there for a bit because I love the city designs plus the map is just massive.
The map in this game is massive and the biggest in arkham franchise. It's a great map and I enjoy everything about the map especially when you can go to another location in 2 ways now. You can either go with batmobile or basically just glide. I personally like gliding more for some reasons but driving the batmobile is also fun!
I know a lot of critics this game has is mostly came from batmobile gameplay. It is fun, but I agree that there's a point where it's too much. Not as much as I expected, but yeah it's still a lot. I enjoyed some of them nonetheless. The racing challenges from riddler is super annoying because I literally got smashed bunch of times at first lmao (dw I finished them).
The overall gameplay as Batman is tbh the best in Arkham Series. The thugs are more challenging to fight. For real I died a lot because of the militias. The variations of the enemy are not far different from the previous arkham games but this one just did it the best imo. I love the combat system.. i mean it's not that hard to play the combat, but I needed 2 weeks to master. The combat is just so smooth and every time I throw a punch feels so real and satisfying. One of the reasons why I love Arkham Series so much is the combat system because man.. if i get mad at someone and I can't do anything about it, I just play arkham games and punch these thugs lmao and well I feel a lot better everytime. The gadgets are also incredible. Most of them are the same and there's also a new gadget which is Voice Synthesizer. I barely use it tbh. My favorite remote hacking device for predator. I also don't use hacking device too much during predator because sometimes it gets too easy lmao. Because I play it in PC, it's hard to fight enemies and using the gadgets at the same time. Batclaw is the only gadgets I use constantly during combat.. I use disruptor when there's any enemies with weapons.
This game lacks of great boss fights. Not great boss fights, just boss fight. For real the only boss fight that felt like a boss fight was just Arkham Knight. Even the most wanted villains felt like regular thug. Two face was so easy to be beaten (although his most wanted missions are my favorite) and the others are not even boss fights. I still haven't fought deathstroke but I know how the boss fight will go on and I don't like it so I don't bother myself finishing his side missions. Even Arkham Knight, the only boss fight that felt like a boss fight was mid imo. It's not bad nor great, it's just mid.
The side missions are enjoyable except the riddler because his mission is just frustrating. I only helped Catwoman and then done. I'm not gonna collect the riddler trophies because they are not worth of my time. Like I said earlier, Two Face is my favorite side mission because predators mission are so fun. His mission is repetitive and the only difference is only the map, but I still really enjoyed it. The Penguin side mission is also fun because you can also play as Nightwing there. The Professor Pyg mission is just interesting.. the climax is good i guess. I enjoyed the detective missions a lot. The posts and checkpoints are fun even though I sometimes got killed a lot lmao. The rest of side missions are okay.
The last thing I want to add is the story. I think the story is just as good as Arkham City. I mean the way it started and it ended are so well made. Making Scarecrow as the villain is briliant especially after what happened in Arkham City. The disappointing part is just we don't really have a boss fight with him. I love the story.. from Batman taking his new suit, saving Gotham from cloudburst, Arkham Knight confrontation, and then slowly lose everyone until the point he has to do something that he doesn't want to do, but he does it anyway because it's the only way to save Gotham. The Joker part in the story is also good but it doesn't make sense because they treat Joker like a literal virus. I still don't know how it works bruh but so far it just doesn't make sense to me. At least this game finally ends his arc and it was satisfying. Well not just Joker, but also Batman's arc. Man.. the story is just perfect to end this franchise and Batman's arc. This game is definitely inspired by The Dark Knight Returns and wow I just really love that ending. I don't know a better ending for this franchise ngl.

This was it. This was the best Batman game if all time. An AMAZING conclusion to the Arkham series' story and an amazing game overall. Great gameplay (the best in the series), the addition of the batmobile, Gotham city is more alive than ever, the villains are spectacular and everything about this game is just so good!!! This is peak batman

Pros: One of thee best combat in gaming, really good stealth, good characters, interesting story, good graphics, Really fun movement
Cons: Story sometimes a bit weird, repetitive tank battles

A case in point of why you should maybe write your script before giving your game a title.

The perfect conclusion to one of the best superhero story adaptations in history.

Being able to drive the Batmobile is just the best thing about it for that reason alone it's the best of the Arkahm games. The only thing that sucks is that you have way too many of those Riddler shits to see the right ending. I never played it that far and watched the end on YouTube.

I played this for so long with no contact with the outside world to a beautiful sunrise. And gay marriage was legalized which was a pretty big deal. What a great experience all the way through it was captivating.
I disliked the Batmobile at first, but we really took it for granted, its awesome. That final level was an incredible experience, it motivated me to complete NG+ just for it. I could go on but its Arkham at its best.

incredible game, the visuals are gorgeous and I love how gotham looks and feels in this game. the combat system is flawless. i didn't like how much time was spent in the batmobile, especially when some battles had to be in the car.

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Arkham Knight isn't a terrible game in isolation, but in relation to its predecessors it's awfully disappointing (this seems to be a bit of a pattern with Batman trilogies, now that I think of it).
In retrospect, the bizarre marketing push before release that the Arkham Knight was a new character should have been a warning sign that the series had lost its way. When trailers hit, lots of people immediately guessed that this was going to be an Arkhamverse take on Jason Todd's Red Hood, and Rocksteady then proceeded to spend a ton of energy publicly insisting it was a brand new character. Which of course it wasn't. Which would have been fine! Neither of the earlier Rocksteady Arkham games had introduced major new characters: they earned their excellent reputations on interpretations of existing Batman lore, why should this one be any different? So why spend so much energy insisting you're doing something new when everybody is pretty sure you're lying and will know you're lying after they play the game? All it accomplished, in the end, was showing how unsure of themselves Rocksteady were. I don't know if there had been critical team changes or internal upheaval, but the confidence that imbued Asylum & City was gone, and it was clear Rocksteady didn't really believe in their own product anymore.
Mechanically, the game is solid, which is unsurprising given its lineage. Combat is still satisfying, and some of the iterations add welcome complications and variety (e.g. medics, being able to grab melee weapons). It's everything else that is a let down.
The story has a good basic structure & plot beats, but Paul Dini is badly missed here: the new writers don't have the same sense of rhythm, dialogue, and character nuance that Dini did and much of the storytelling here is just ham-fisted. You can see what the writers were aiming for, but they flubbed the execution and didn't earn the pay-off. On the plus side, keeping Joker around could have easily come off as awkward fan-service but was generally well done. The performances are also more mixed than previous entries: Conroy & Hamill are great, as always, but you can kind of tell they find the material as sub-par as I do. I'm also not crazy about either main antagonist. John Noble is basically doing a Vincent Price imitation for Scarecrow, and it doesn't work for me. It's not creepy, unnerving, or insane. It's too controlled, too cultured. And the Arkham Knight himself is gratingly one-note: whiny and petulant more than threatening.
Many of the more negative game-design trends that have come to dominate so many AAA games were also really starting to leak in here. The side missions in previous Arkham games were generally great, well-written little mini Batman stories (excepting the annoying Riddler trophy hunts), and if they weren't your thing you were perfectly welcome to ignore them. The side missions in Arkham Knight, by contrast, includes a lot of anonymous-feeling copy-paste open world content (the milita APCs, checkpoints, etc.). Chasing pay phones to hunt down Victor Zsasz in Arkham City may not have been the most compelling gameplay but at least there was a mildly interesting Zsasz story to carry you along. Here, hunting down APCs & explosive devices and what-not is not only mechanically boring, there's no story reward for putting in the effort. Even Penguin & Two-Face, who were so well used previously, feel under-utilized in their own side missions.
To be fair, it's not all bad. The Man-Bat & "Perfect Crime" missions are well done story-drips, and it's nice to get resolution to the Hush story after Arkham City. But the ratio of good to annoying seems completely reversed from previous games.
Worse, you are required to complete a certain amount of the missions to get the game's ending, and 100% of it to get the full ending, including the absurdly excessive Riddler tasks. Arkham Asylum & City felt constructed to serve the player: if you find the missions fun in their own right, great. Not a fan, that's fine too, you don't have to play them. But Arkham Knight wants the player to serve its own needs. It's so un-confident in its own playability that it insists you do a certain amount of these generic tasks to see the ending.
Speaking of the ending: WTF? I get that Rocksteady was probably caught between a rock and a hard place here, a bit. On the one hand, it's their trilogy and they want to end it definitively on a bang. On the other hand, it's WB's franchise and I'm sure they didn't want to close themselves off from possible sequels. But the result is just a vague mess without any real closure. And the extra ending you get for slogging through all the side missions doesn't help matters.
Then, of course, there's the Batmobile. Unlike some other critics of the game, I don't completely hate the Batmobile here. It's kind of fun, it's just way over used. If it was primarily another mode of transport around the map, it'd be a fun addition to the Arkham series, but it's just forced on you way too much and really takes you out of the feeling of "being Batman". Asylum & City really did immerse you in the feeling of "being Batman": detecting, fighting, brooding. I have never felt less like Batman in an Arkham game than when fighting off hordes of drones in a tank. The Batmobile is a cool part of Batman's world, but there's a reason none of the Batman movies have spent a quarter of their screen time with Batman in his car.
Arkham Asylum & City were both excellent Batman stories that happened to also be very good action-adventure games. Arkham Knight is a pretty run-of-the-mill open world game that happens to be a so-so Batman story.
P.S. Some of the design elements in this one are also weird, right? Does Batman look a little... bug-eyed to anyone else?

This game might not be for everyone but i enjoyed playing it, if you are a batman fan and enjoy playing these games then i would recommend playing this if you havent already, some challenges can be a right pain but with some time and practice it can be done.

I love this game, scarecrow is one of the coolest villains and the arkham knight's backstory highlights and tie ins to the game is excellent

They definitely revamped the combat and stealth mechanics giving the game what it needed as a sequel but you'd be surprised how little that takes as part of the full game.
The rest is filled with garbage race tracks and even worse tank sections. It could've maybe been acceptable if you didn't really NEED to do them, but sadly, they're required to get the true ending!

A fun game with a decent enough story to keep you engrossed.
Some of the choices are a bit odd, like when you apprehend one of the villains and transport them back to the police station you have to manually walk back out rather than a cutscene taking care of this.
The Batmobile features very heavily which is both good and bad. It helps navigate the map quickly (I don't think Fast Travel is in this game) but the sections it features in are a tad repetitive.
Definitely worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of Batman and/or the Arkham series.