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back in december i bought this game and i like it

Batman shoots non-lethal tank missiles at human enemies. Yeah that checks out.

best one out of the arkham games

One of the greatest games to come out as it holds up in 2024 in terms of graphics and gameplay. Also big jason todd fan

Um bom jogo, mas é simplesmente insuportável o sistema de porcentagem pra desbloquear o "verdadeiro final", que você tem que fazer missões (muitas vezes repetitivas), que acabam não valendo a pena pela recompensa que o jogo te dá.

Mas tirando isso, é um jogo divertido, provavelmente o melhor jogo que saiu do Batman.

This game could’ve been so good. The car could’ve been so cool. But forcing me to use it all the time is such a bummer. No interesting boss fights and the city just felt so lifeless.

Platform: Xbox One (Via Xbox Series X)
Date Started: May 16th, 2024
Date Finished: May 17th, 2024
Time Played: 10 Hours

"I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!"

This one was a little mixed at times, but, I enjoyed it much more than I disliked it - which is obvious judging by my rating!

There were moments where I just wasn't enjoying this game much, mainly in the Batmobile sections, which seem to be too long and too frequent, during the boss battles and numerous large fights and especially during the horrible navigation puzzles. I did enjoy driving from location to location, however, and during the smaller battles I was having fun, but I felt as if I was getting burnt out on them early on. On top of this, I found some of the levels were slightly too long and I found myself also wanting to just progress instead of being stuck in the same area for so long.

That being said, as with the previous entries, I absolutely loved the characters here. The story was so incredibly absorbing, too, diving deeper into a Batman who is losing his sanity, with an incredibly memorable ending. The visuals are still to this day just ridiculously good and gritty and look better than a lot of today's modern releases. The Arkham Knight is a brilliant villain, despite the reveal being predictable, with a great performance and incredible design.

The gameplay as Batman is fun, too, and although the combat still looks a little goofy to me with Batman flipping and flying around everywhere, it's really fun to play.

As a whole, then, this is a great finale to the Arkham Quadrilogy, but, it seems, isn't quite the end of the Arkham Universe... Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is up next. Which I will get to...eventually.

overused phrase but still, it really does "makes you feel like batman"

Just about as good as Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Knight solidifies Rocksteady as a powerhouse developer of action-adventure titles while simultaneously jumping the shark. Easily the most self-serious and laborious entry in the Batman: Arkham series, this 2015 shaggy dog incorporates a few too many core mechanics and gameplay loops for comfort.


the player after defeating scarecrow and having to complete everything including collecting all the Riddler trophies to get the real ending: ...wut

Meilleur jeu de super héro, une ambiance de fou furieux.
Comment les gens font moins bien que ça 9 ans après ??

The gameplay was not made for me

It's not bad, traversing in the Batmobile is really fun. I preferred the art direction from city much more, also wasn't very invested in the story.

This game rules. People complain about the car, but like, that's one of the things about Batman that makes him cool. Get over it.

Arkham Knight is an insanely good game. It's stunningly gorgeous that it stands up to current PS5 releases, half a decade later. The environment of actual Gotham city is much bigger than even Arkham City. While I lament how 'samey' much of the map feels, it's certainly plenty distinct from the previous two mainline entries.

Arkham Knight delivers the same satisfying quick-paced combat as its predecessors while managing a fantastic end to the sprawling three-game narrative. The Joker's presence in the game is WILDLY COOL as a storytelling device. It's actually shocking to me how few games utilize a character in this manner. The writing is amazing, with main storybeats, like the death of Barbara Gordon, causing gasps and disbelief. The game weaves together interesting conundrums and explorations like getting Poison Ivy's assistance with the neurotoxin gas and raiding the airships of an evil capitalist dickwad to cure the city. Disparate locales and characters that are woven neatly into the fabric of the game's narrative in a way that feels difficult to explain after-the-fact even though you never question it in the moment.

The amount of side content is bananas as well. Riddler Trophies make their, sometimes annoying, return and a litany of missions with Catwoman, Nightwing, Man-Bat, The Mad Hatter, Azrael and even more fill the game to the brim. A cavalcade of comic book content that scratches all the right itches from completionist to collectathon to time trials to combat skill and even more than that. The game knocks almost everything out of the park.

The biggest drawback is the amount of time you spend in the goddamn Batmobile. The Batmobile content is rarely fun, mostly annoying, and really removes the feeling of being Batman. The game relies on it too heavily and although at times it makes perfect narrative and thematic sense, it's often simply not engaging or interesting. I almost took off a half star for it alone, but I felt that'd be unfair for how good the rest of the game is. How pleasing the game truly is. How fantastic the story is.

The DLC is just as good. A complete game top to bottom and a perfect finish to one of gaming's absolute best trilogies. An absolute joy to replay as well.

Компиляция всех крутых идей рокстеди. Можно сказать, это их магнум опус. Есть, конечно, шероховатости в сюжете и ещё в паре моментов, но игрушка всё равно кайф.

Arkham serisi çok iyi bir seri. Öyle ki 2021 yılındayız ve 2015 senesinde bu oyun ile sonlanan Arkham serisi bana göre hala gelmiş geçmiş en iyi süper kahraman oyunu serisidir. Özellikle Arkham City ile çıtayı arşa çıkaran seri, noktayı Arkham Knight ile koydu. Arkham Knight da serinin diğer oyunları gibi iyi bir oyun. Peki daha iyi olabilir miydi? Evet, çok daha iyi olabilirdi. Birtakım şeyleri gerektiği gibi yapabilse, Arkham Knight serinin en iyi oyunu olabilirdi. Ancak maalesef bu haliyle oyun Arkham City'nin gölgesinde kalıyor. Öncelikle hikayede bazı eksiklikler var, final hikayesinin gidişatı daha farklı olmalıydı diye düşünüyorum, bundan daha sonra bahsedeceğim. Bu oyunda ana düşman olarak karşımıza "Scarecrow" çıkıyor, onun adına çalışan ve sözde "bu oyuna özel" yaratılan "Arkham Knight" ise ana düşmanlarımızdan bir diğeri olarak oyunda yer alıyor.

Oynanış olarak ise oyundan pek bir şikayetim yok, oynanış diğer tüm Arkham oyunlarında olduğu gibi çok iyi ve yine geliştirmeler yapılmış. Oynanıştaki en büyük yenilik Batmobile ve ben Batmobile'e tam anlamıyla bayıldım. Sesi, görünüşü ve kullanımı gerçekten harika. Batmobile'e atlayıp Gotham'ın yağmurlu sokaklarında gezmenin verdiği his gerçekten muhteşem. Batmobile'in tek işlevi bu da değil. Batmobile ile savaşlara girmek, uzaktan kontrol özelliğini kullanarak bulmacalar çözmek ve dövüş esnasında Batman'in yakınındaysa Batmobile ile bitirici hareket yapmak da mümkün. Ek olarak Batmobile'i de yükselterek ona yeni özellikler ve daha fazla dayanıklılık kazandırmak mümkün.

Batman: Arkham Knight hikayenin finalini pek de iyi yapamadı. Ayrıca bölüm sonu canavarları konusunda gerçekten bekleneni veremedi ve yan görevler birbirinin tekrarı, üstelik sıkıcı. Bazı optimizasyon sorunları da hala çözülebilmiş değil. Tüm bunlara rağmen harika oynanışı, muhteşem grafikleri ve akılda kalıcı bölüm tasarımı durumu toparlamaya yetiyor. Batman: Arkham Knight birtakım şeyleri daha farklı yapsa şimdi çok daha farklı bir yerde olabilirdi, ancak bu haliyle de kendisi gayet iyi bir oyun.

It's pretty solid. The batman I know and love is still here with stunning new graphics (that look amazing, even on low) with his trusty bat mobile. And I'm going to be honest, I did not mind this part of the game. The tank battles were kinda fun and did not really bother me like I thought they would. I liked it (mainly because I upgraded it way early on so it made fights easier). The things to do in gotham are actually pretty cool. I even really liked the riddler race tracks. Theres alot to do.

The story kind sucked. It was serviceable but It was overall forgettable.

Overall, this game is pretty good but it is an abysmal pc port. Again, play this with an amazing rig if you even HOPE to reach a stable 60 fps.

Tendría 5 estrellas si no fuera por el hecho de que las misiones del Batimovil son excesivas, al inicio es genial pero se vuelve repetitivo con el tiempo. De ahí en fuera me mama la historia, sobre todo el final. Hasta la fecha se sostiene increíblemente, gráficamente hablando, parece un título reciente.

I am conflicted about this game. I think that the visual style, incredible style of storytelling, and numerous borderline-flawless dives into the human psyche while using Joker as its medium are osme of the best things I've ever seen in gaming. However, I really struggled to play this game. The gameplay felt incredibly janky, i was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of dumb button prompts i had to memorize, and the enemy variety was so repetitive, it started to feel like a rhythm game by the end. I also hated trying to stealth enemies, as there was little-no actually competent stealth mechanics, and it was always confusing whether or not the enemies actually could see me. Take notes from dishonored 2. The puzzles/ random side objectives were also bafflingly frustrating and slow to finish. They didn't make me feel smart, I just felt more dumb and like it was wasting my time. However, I reaaaaaally enjoyed the story, characters (particularly harley ifyky), and I love the sequences that brought themselves up pertaining to Batman's sickness. The narrative was captivating for the entire length of the game, and I dreaded having to play, because I was excited to get back to the cutscenes. A special shoutout to the last mission, in this regard. Incredible mission, no spoilers... I also kept frothing over the visuals. It is INSANE TO ME that this game released in 2015 and still looks better than almost every other game to ever have been released. So, so, so beautiful. The city was breathtaking at all times, and I had a hard time NOT taking screenshots constantly. Also, about gameplay: I did enjoy the driving in the city. I thought that was the best gameplay this game had to offer. I also enjoyed when they switched up the formula, and kept it quick. For example, the mission where you teamed up with Robin, that was exciting for a while, and then dragged on too long. Everything in this game felt repetitive by the end of its runtime, even though I only played 13 hours.
Seriously though, I do really like this game, and I have to give it 4/5 stars for a really nice experience. It is excellent, and deserves a play from anyone who seems interested. I would have probably actually preferred a tv show with the same story, because I felt the GAMEplay of this GAME was the downside. Thank you for reading! Definitely comment if you want to have any discussion regarding this game.
Notes while playing:

Sights and Sounds:
- Incredibly Beautiful psuedo-realistic artstyle
- Not RDR2 Beautiful, but still genuinely breathtaking in its own way, especially for being released in (INSERT YEAR HERE)
- Satisfying sound design for the most part, but no notable music or general sounds
- Can't reiterate enough just how incredible the visual style really is

- The fighting feels like an early version of spider-man's
- Definitely less smooth, enemy ai is terrible, models/ collision is a tad buggy
- But is cinematic, making you feel like a badass
- Often frustratingly janky
- Clearing out enemies and infiltrating enemy camps is repetitive, boring, and rarely interesting or rewarding
- Fun gameplay is in the car
- A stupid amount of dumb required mission objectives with little-no significance besides just taking up time : NOT FUN
- Makes you feel like batman
- Just a very cool looking and feeling game
- The car feels really nice and is quite fun
- tank missions get less and less fun over time
- The skill tree was overwhelming and too large, in my opinion (im a certified rpg-mechanic and skill tree hater though so my opinion may not be valid)
- Such an incredibly beautiful and dazzlingly intricate city environment
- Looks incredibly good flying around, although it doesn't feel so incredible
- Confusing button prompts sometimes, easy to forget all the different combinations of button presses
- Puzzles/ objectives were often unengaging, painfully linear, and had no room for any improvisation. Everything had to be done in a certain, way, which I was not the largest fan of

- The mature tone lent a lot to the stakes and fleshed out the world nicely from the beginning
- The story takes some wild turns
- Is quite compelling for most of the runtime
- Joker is a brilliant addition to the game
- Provides comedic relief, interesting dialogue to listen to
- Also helps figure out puzzles in game when things aren't clear, as well as helping to explain some of the story
- Bad pacing
- Too much time spent staring at batman's wrist screen face-timing his colleagues
- Could've easily been voice calls meshed with gameplay
- Some incredible cutscenes/ set pieces throughout the game
- Particularly the sequences that happen when you are sick
- Incredible Joker sequence in second to last mission

- From the get-go, has a bunch of really nice customizability options, as well as a pc test run mode where it allows you to see how the game will run
- Capped at 90 fps but not really a big deal
- Super nice quality of life options, like telling you how long ago your last save occurred
- Runs very well, no frame stutters, screen tears, and very minor graphical/textural bugs

This game plays like batman and feels like batman from the world the protagonist the story the world damn i liked this game 10/10

Bizarro pensar que esse jogo é 2015 é simplesmente MUITO superior graficamente há tudo que foi lançando pela warner após ele, jogo poderia superar o city, mas muito gameplay em Batmovel e isso enjoa fácil, então é o mesmo nível que o city