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It's been close to two years since I first booted up Inscryption, and I've just now 100%'d all of the achievements. What started as a fascinating and vibey cardplay experience in the first act of the game developed into a mind-bending love letter to classic games, and then, upon tearful completion of the story, turned into a deliciously challenging roguelike challenge mode in Kacey's Mod, with which I would be obsessed, off and on, for the better part of two years. The creativity on display here is baffling, from the story, to the art, to the brilliant gameplay. Still my favorite game of 2021 (tied with Echoes of The Eye if we're counting that as a game), and safely one of my favorite games of all time. Mr. Mullins, I can't wait for whatever you've got planned next, and Leshy, thanks for an incredible time <3.

Wh.. why am i seeing weird words in my walls? What the fuck is going on here?!

i was really fustrated by this game, especially every time the rules changed. I kind of wish it expanded more on its original mode of gameplay and didnt keep changing how it played. It just feels like it changed it over and over again for its own sake. I really liked where the story went though, if you can make it through the honestly a little annoying act 1 i think you will enjoy what this is overall.

Really unique experience, binged it in a couple of sittings. If you enjoy deck builders definitely give it a go.

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Canonically, the devil codeveloped this game, and Hitler makes a cameo.

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One of the best games I had played in quite awhile. Amazing world building and theme for a card game. My biggest nag that doesn't allow this to be a perfect 5 stars is that it doesn't allow you to play the other 2 worlds fully, only small segments that aren't fully fleshed out as it could have been. Story is a fun part of a game, but if it sacrifices other potentials to giving a player a glimpse of something that could have been but does not get fleshed out fully, is highly disappointing.

One of the most fresh and uniquely engrossing games I've ever played. A must-play if you enjoy card games, clever narrative, or previous works by the developer.

Um jogo cheio de mistério e tensão, que é bem mais diferente do que parece! Dá uma chance, você não vai se arrepender

Post-modern deck building roguelike with incredible atmosphere and an intriguing narrative, spans aesthetic genres while constantly slowly evolving the underlying card games mechanics. Goodbye. Good game...

This game captures the early 90s PC vibe like no other. It is like having an RPG session being conducted by a creepy, old sex-offender, which adds that thriller-movie layer into the mix as well.
The gameplay itself is marvelous, showing very clever card-game design, always making you crave for more cards and more upgrades along the way.
We REALLY need a physical, board/card game of this, right? Who is with me?!

most charming, most unique game ive played in recent time, i had so much fun and the twists in gameplay were exciting and i enjoyed it greatly! the music was incredible and the visuals were so immersive, loved it

Wow chess sure has changed a lot since my day. Also, Stinky Pete is one of the scariest protagonists of our time, especially if you don't answer his loud demands of having gold in your hills. Feggy FunBear and White Guy may be scary but they don't have that same human weakness of pursuit of glory and treasures untold, the same that ended the story of Acquire. And that's truly what horror is about. Also, squirrels.

One of the best indies of all time.

Just a fantastic and simple game system with it's own variations within itself. Great boss design for a card game. And I just loooooove game creators that are able to create a rich and colorful world and go crazy with it. Well made game. Difficulty can be a bit annoying if you get a bad deck and the biggest QOL issue is not having an undo button for misclicks.

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Tava gostando bastante do game até chegar na parte 8-bit, o lance da história é muito bom, mas depois pra mim ficou só uma gameplay chata, terminei a parte 8-bit e comecei a do robô esperando que a história fosse avançar drasticamente, mas não foi o que aconteceu, só permaneceu umas batalhas de carta fracas que não chega perto da primeira parte do jogo.

SNAAAP! You're going in my cringe compilation

вроде прошел, бля, но не понял, прошел или нет

He was really close this time around. I almost found myself believing that there was greatness here. I mean there's not many games that start better than this one, with such perfectly executed atmosphere, one with charm through it's eerie mystery it shrouds itself in. As more layers get revealed, excitement brews, and I feel so gripped. What follows is more Mullins busywork puzzles, a fairly messy and annoying final act, and an ending that is almost literally the same as his last game. It's frustrating to see a concept as fresh as this go used in a way that feels so familiar, even in just the developer's previous works, and would rather opt in suspended disbelief in supernatural rather than curating something substantial. It's extremely well made, with art doing so much more than enough, along with the music, and having all of it feel cohesive despite dramatic shifts in every angle. Wish it did more to complete itself, however. Instead it unfinishes.

Art direction, story, atmosphere, 3 things no game will ever get better than this one

+ Music
+ Storytelling
+ Gameplay
- Act III
- Little disappointed about the replayability (Kaycee's Mod)

Inscryption just sucks me in everytime I play it, and I'm just disappointed it can't retain that quality for the whole experience

If this just expanded more on the gameloop of act 1, it probably would've ended up as one of my favorite games of all time, what a disappointment.

I had tons of fun and I hate deck building games. Especially liked the mechanics of Act 3 bosses. Kaycee's mod was unfortunately too repetitive and kinda bad in comparison to the main game.

What a ride! So much revelation, depth in card game and Kaycee's Mod with the last Skull Rush is amazingly difficult! Love every bit of it and hope Daniel Mullins continues making such interesting games! Got every Achievement for this.