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I keep missing the rainbow coins :(

What exactly do you feel the need to run from, Mario? What kind of sins, mortal or venial, do you feel the need to escape from no matter the cost, even though they haunt you for the rest of your days. Keep running if you wish, but you can't escape your conscience...

I hate mobile games

Probably better than a lot of the garbage one can find in app stores, but it's a pretty good example of how weirdly lame Nintendo's attempt at mobile gaming was.

The game quickly becomes boring

Pretty fun mobile game. I enjoy listening to my music and having the sound effects still run. Most characters don't mesh as well with the level design as Mario, unfortunately.

I had a bit of fun with this game when it first came out, but charging $10 was pretty scummy (especially since there weren't many courses, which are already shortened enough). The different modes were cool though, but not enough to warrant the price.

It's a New Super Mario Bros. game on your phone! Technology is magic! A simple and fun game with a decent amount of content in the full version.

Only Nintendo can make a mobile cash grab that has actually good ideas.

Decent mobile game to play as a Mario title. Sucks the game has to be bought fully in order to get the whole experience.

Mario should stay far away from mobile. He’s better than that.

I like the game, but I feel like it's only for trying it out for a few hours or maybe playing it on public transport if you don't have a book or a better game. It's curious for being the first Mario mobile game, and for free, but that's about it. Despite everything, playing it for a while has helped me to get more Nintendo Switch Online rewards. There are just so many better options when it comes to Mario.

Better than it could have been, but nothing special.

Toad Rally is fun, and Mix 10, counter to its design, would feel more substantial if it was longer and MORE random.

The campaign is embarrassingly trite by MARIO standards. Only pushes the one button concept so far, before it becomes very boring and uninspired.

In terms of Gacha elements, decorating your own Mushroom kingdom just isn't satisfying enough to WANT to grind out rewards.

Overall, no worth 10 dollars, but definitely an interesting moment in mobile gaming history.

i liked it until i had to pay 10 bucks

Super Mario Run is 2D Mario in mobile form, that is, an autorunner. I know many people dislike autorunners but I found this one to be quite fun, since, despite what you'd expect, you can actually influence Mario's movement a bit, which adds some depth to the gameplay.

Also, the extra modes like Toad Rally and Remix 10 are actually quite fun.

Mario but if you removed all the fun. Who approved this garbage?

Nooooooo don't turn me into a generic endless runner!!!

A truly harrowing experience of loss and regret.

solo tengo un nivel porque no voy a pagar por un mario 2d automatico