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This is probably my fav game of all time idk

This review contains spoilers

I love this game, so my review is very biased… there are many, many flaws with this game given its age. For example, the decade-old Naoto trans debate (she’s not… she comes to terms with the fact she can be a strong, self-righteous detective AND a woman, the topic is just handled poorly); I think this game speaks for the improvement in handling similar topics in newer games and that’s really important. Regardless, this is an absolutely amazing game and one of my favorites of all time, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone willing to try it.
Added bonus— the soundtrack is awesome

(This mini-critique was written back in 2013, in regards to the (late) UK release of the game.)
I don't think I've ever done a complete 180 turnaround on a franchise before, but after years of hating Persona solely based around my miserable time with 3, I decided to give this supposed system-seller a chance with a recent sale. I'm glad I did. Unlike its predecessor, 4 Golden hooked me in immediately with its murder mystery plot and a cast who are relatively grounded and relatable, as opposed to being beleaguered by anime tropes. They're an endearing bunch, which is fortunate because you have to spend upwards of 80 hours with them if you plan on completing the game (which I uhhhh haven't done yet). Dungeon crawling isn't as monotonous and mind-numbingly repetitive as it was when scaling the giant tower of Tartarus, as 4 divides the dungeons up into separate smaller portions, giving a greater sense of progress in the process. So yeah, only halfway through, but I've been glued to my Vita ever since I first started this up.
(2023 update on a game that I completed ten years ago)
Great game. It totally sticks the landing.