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Slop game for coomers. You can and should demand better of the games you play. Literally any Souls-like - even the bad ones, like The Surge - is better than this. Boring, overwrought, unskippable cutscenes, long stretches where you do nothing, constant use of X-Ray Vision to find things, and SO much padding. Commits basically every single sin of modern game design almost as if it was following an "exploitative design" checklist.

Also I'm gonna use my review to soapbox for a minute about "pretty girls" in games. The women in this game are designed according to a beauty standard that is only achievable through extensive cosmetic surgery available only to the richest or most-connected South Koreans. Also, butch women are hot as fuck and if you don't appreciate a lady wearing a bomber jacket and jeans with a revolver by her side and a jawline that could chip a diamond, that's a you problem.

If you want to play a good character action game, play Devil May Cry or Nioh. If you want to play a good character action game starring or co-starring a hot woman, play Bayonetta or Ninja Gaiden or Nier Automata. If you want to see a woman's ass jiggle, watch a porno.

That Stellar Blade has been adopted by the stupidest gamers ever as a tentpole game when it would be barely serviceable as a $30 mid-budget bargain bin title is completely deranged to me. I hate the culture war and what it does to people's brains.

Honestly, this game is pretty cool, but it lives in Nier's shadow.

Now this is a wierd take if you know me, but I think Nier is a better game than this overall. I did 3 playthroughs of Nier (the base 3 of 2B, 9S, and A2) and felt pretty underwhelmed. I felt like the gameplay was just too shallow and repetitive for my taste. However, I do get why so many people adore it.

I think this game has far superior gameplay, but almost everything else it does is trying too hard to be like Nier. Wearing one's inspiration on their sleeve isn't a bad thing, but the story, music and even some characters are plucked straight from Nier: Automata. It's to the point where you won't stop comparing the two. That doesn't have to be a bad thing, but one game clearly has a better story, and so it becomes hard to ignore.

That said, Stellar Blade may have an identity crisis, but I still enjoyed my time with it. It certainly gets better and better as it goes on, but it feels like it really doesn't shine until you're near the end. I made sure to do all side quests in my first playthrough, and nab all collectibles so I could get the platinum trophy.

Combat is fun. It's not super deep, but there's enough to carry you throughout the game. I just always felt like I could never fully get the parry timing down. As someone who platinum'd Sekiro, this really frustrated me. I don't know if my skills waned or if Sekiro just had the mechanic down perfectly, but parrying was something I never became comfortable with even up until the end of this game. The gun feature would've been better if it was more seamless to weave into combos with, or better yet if it didn't break lock-on during combat (as of the time of me writing this, they HAVE updated it so it doesn't break lock-on). I didn't like though when you got surrounded by multiple enemies. You could get stagger-locked to death very easily, and the only real way to survive is to just spam the Crescent Slash attack, your primary AOE attack. It doesn't help that if you want to parry multiple enemies, you have to parry each individual attack. And as I mentioned earlier, parrying was difficult enough as it was. I did enjoy the latter boss fights and the way you could customize EVE to play your own way.

The puzzles were a nice enough distraction, however, there are some things that were far too annoying. I remember playing the beginning of FF7 Rebirth and thinking "Oh no... How many big heavy objects am I gonna have to slowly push around?" only for it to be like 3 of them for the entire game. Stellar Blade LOVES to make you push big blocks around. But honestly though, that's the worst kind of distraction you'll find. Everything else isn't so bad.

I will say the map and fast travel systems were pretty bad. There are about 9 or 10 maps that you'll explore. But every area that is linear doesn't have an actual map associated with them. This can make exploration, or retreading, a nightmare in some cases. Thankfully, you have the ability to ping environments to see where collectibles are, so missing items is very unlikely if you spam it enough. However, fast travel is still pretty bad. You can't just select anywhere to fast travel to. You can fast travel within zones, but if you want to go to a different zone, you have to first fast travel to the zone itself and THEN fast travel again to the specific area within that zone you want to go. It makes going back and forth between areas extra tedious.

The story, as I've said, is just a Nier ripoff. If you've played that game, you'll just be experiencing a shallower version of it here. I barely understood what was happening by the end. The characters are pretty bland and forgettable. I played this game in the Korean dub. Now, I'm not a master of the Korean language (I'd say I'm intermediate at best), but even I could tell the voice performances were bland. Adam's voice actor honestly sounded like the computer-generated male voice you'd hear making announcements here in Korea.

Lastly, I will say it was a delight playing dress-up and customizing EVE. I usually don't take aesthetics seriously, but you could tell they put a lot of work into making EVE herself look incredible. Truly a sight to behold (especially in that Ocean Maid outfit).

All that said, this being Shift Up's first big console release is impressive no matter how you slice it. If they can get away from their inspiration in the next game, I think it'll be a much more notable experience.

There are some points in the story I didn't like, but everything else in this game is awesome, the environments, the characters, and the bosses are all on point and the music is some of the best I've heard in gaming. It's just an amazing video game overall.

it's the premise of coughing baby nier automata, but with the plot twists of coughing baby nier gestalt/replicant, but with the gameplay of sekiro if it was cripplingly addicted to fent. it's got one of the worst stories i've yet seen in a game, it's legit more fun to guess at what ideas the plot is gonna crib off next than actually engage with it, both the english and korean voice tracks are grating as hell, half the game is spent in that one desert area from nier automata, it's way too easy until the slight skill check in the last two hours, and you gotta play the whole game with one finger over the home button in case someone walks into the room, there's like no reason this should work but i've beaten it three times so it's gotta be doing something right. the actual like Video Game part of this video game is so god damn fun, keep yourself like four or five weapon upgrades behind the curve and crank your attack speed way the fuck up and you gonna be playing one of the sickest action games in recent memory istg. plus that soundtrack i mean like Oh My Goodness bro Oh My Stars bro Oh My Days that shit is peak. legit kinda sad i can never bring this up in conversation cuz it's a fuckin Big Booty Korean type game but c'est la vie ig.

If I had a nickel for every time I played an action game about a sexy android lady enlisted in an elite military unit of other sexy android ladies whose stated mission is to eradicate a monstrous threat from Earth so that humanity can finally return to the surface after a war forced them to evacuate to a space habitat, only to become the sole survivor of that unit after an assault on the surface goes horribly wrong and meet up with some guy who agrees to provide hacking and recon support so she can still continue her mission, before her time on Earth exposes her to information and viewpoints that contradict the dogmatic authority she's been unquestioningly loyal towards and eventually cause her to have a crisis of faith as she uncovers more about the true nature of her adversaries, her allies, and herself, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

...well, maybe it's not that weird. As much as I love NieR: Automata, I'll admit that there are axes on which it's not exactly difficult to outdo. And Stellar Blade chooses its battles wisely, with expanded combat mechanics and massively increased enemy variety that make the whole experience so much more fun to get through on a moment-to-moment basis. Although you only have one weapon, melee combat is made more demanding by the addition of Sekiro-style perfect parries and color-coded telegraphed attacks that warrant more specific responses. This system isn't perfect - Eve has a nasty habit of dodging backwards when I press forward+dodge which I never figured out, and the separation of "shield" and "balance" into separate indicators is a tad clunky - but at the end of the day, the animations and timing have the juice they need, so it by and large feels good. On Normal Mode (you don't unlock Hard until you beat it), I managed to just barely beat most bosses on the first try, with 0 or 1 Estus-equivalents remaining. To me, that's an ideal dramatic experience, especially at a time when games are coming out so quickly I can't hope to keep up, but given how I usually am with action games that probably means it will be too easy for the rest of you.

Throughout the game, you unlock other combat mechanics, some of them late enough that I won't say exactly what they are in case you consider it a spoiler. But suffice it to say that I found every addition to the melee combat useful, and I worked them all into my toolkit without much fuss even though I'm not usually the type. You also get non-melee options in the form of a few gun options for your drone and some consumable bomb-type stuff. I didn't use these much, but they don't seem to be complete afterthoughts - there's a section soon after you unlock the gun where you're forced to use it on its own, and it's easy for a premise like that to go horribly wrong, but I found that section surprisingly fun with a unique flavor to it. I honestly think the game should have done more to make you lean on your gun, like including fragile sniper or support types in encounters.

The non-gameplay parts don't lend themselves nearly as well to comparison. The plot is about as predictable as you'd expect from the top paragraph - the only times I was surprised by a plot twist were the times I was surprised something was a plot twist, and not something all the characters were supposed to have known already. The locations and music are good on their own, and provide a lot more variety than Automata, though they don't cohere quite as well and there's not much I think I'll end up remembering about them in the long run. The enemy designs are the real standout: there are tons of them, including a bunch of unique bosses, that run a wide gamut of aesthetics without ever feeling out of place (until some truly ridiculous shit shows up at the end, anyway).

The character designs are... about exactly what I expected after learning that these guys made NIKKE. On the one hand, character customization is one of my favorite features in any game, and going into Stellar Blade blind I didn't really expect it at all, so unlocking literal dozens of unique outfits and accessories over the course of the game was a real highlight. On the other, it kind of sucks that nearly all of them feel a need to "sex it up" in some way or another. Before you press "submit" on that comment you just wrote, please know that I don't have any problem with the existence of sexy outfits (and I spent more time rocking the swimsuits than I would care to admit). But at times, the gacha-gooner mentality of the outfits feels almost like an infection, taking otherwise good designs and cutting random, ugly holes in them, as if signaling sex appeal is more important than having appeal of any sort. If anything, the most fetishistic outfits are some of the best, just because no one felt the need to ruin them (if anyone asks, that's why I picked the swimsuits). To show how serious I am about fashion, I will cap this section off by saying that the deciding factor for me in giving this game a 3 instead of a 3.5 was that the ponytail is non-optional even though all the alternate hairstyles were clearly designed without it in mind and it makes them all look stupid.

In summary, Stellar Blade is a fun game and I recommend it. It steps very deliberately into the shadow of NieR: Automata and for a lot of people it will probably hold up in that comparison. It's not going to be an all-timer for me, though. Stellar Blade didn't make me cry.

(well, not through my eyes at least HEYOOOOOOOOOO)

infelizmente esse não me agradou tanto quanto gostaria, botei muita expectativa em cima (talvez tenha sido erro meu) e acabou que o jogo sofre de inúmeros problemas quanto a conteúdo, criatividade e etc, tentaram chupar ao máximo a formúla de NieR/NieR Automata e fizeram algo bem abaixo do esperado (sério, não só a estrutura, designs, lore e etc mas até o PLOT do jogo é IDÊNTICO a obra de Yoko Taro)

Mas claro que tem pontos positivios, a gameplay é uma delícia e extremamente viciante, desafiadora e satisfatoria, os cenários são belos, a trilha sonora é encantadora e o level design de sessões lineares é mágico, remetendo games de PS2.
O verdadeiro problema é o conteúdo medíocre e fraco que o jogo oferece em meio ao semi open world falho (e chato de explorar) e todo seu conteúdo maçante, genérico e repetitivo. A história é extremamente fraca e pouco inspiradora, nada me cativava para prosseguir jogando a linha principal, os personagens são apáticos e nenhum pouco memoráveis, a lore por ser um clone fraco de NIER se torna esquecível, etc.

Sinto que se o jogo fosse LINEAR, só andar para frente e bater, minha opinião final seria diferente, mas no geral ainda sim é um jogo legal que da para se divertir quando ignoro esses problemas.

Thank you for the food Shift Up 😋

A game I never thought would release. I was a little late due to unforseen circumstances I had problems with it but I got to slice and dice Enemies in a pretty dress so what else could I want really. I have to do a few more things and then I have the platinum.

Stellar Blade is a excellent game.It was much better game then I expected it too be. The combat and the music score are the real highlights of the game. The enemy design is really good with plenty of different enemy's to fight. The game itself is extremely polished with hardly any bugs or glitches. I hope they make a sequel too this game and continue to lay the foundations that this game sets.
Total playtime 44 hours

Have you ever asked to get food while out with your parents, only for them to respond with “No, we have food at home”? Then, once you get the food at home, you realize it is just ok compared to your favorite restaurant. Well, that is the best comparison I can make for Stellar Blade. It is no secret Shift Up were fans of the Nier series. However, Stellar Blade takes so much inspiration from Nier that by the time you finish it, you will realize it was just an okay game compared to Nier. I would go as far to say you might as well play Nier Automata and get more enjoyment from that. Now, Stellar Blade does have some positives. The gameplay is pretty fun, especially in its boss fights. One of the best feelings I got from this game was parrying attacks right on time to hear the satisfying sound that indicated a successful parry. The soundtrack is also pretty, especially in the latter half of the game. Finally, the graphics are beautiful, especially in its open world segments. Unfortunately, I have more negatives with the game than positives.

Stellar Blade’s biggest flaw is its story. It is just boring, and incredibly predictable. Especially, with it being a retelling of Adam and Eve, that if you are aware of the original story, you can accurately assume where the rest of it will go. If you have played Nier Automata, you can also see certain story beats get ripped straight from that into Stellar Blade. It even tries to be thought provoking, but ultimately fails to do so because it does not have anything to say thematically. To make matters worse, characters are written to be so lifeless, and the flat voice acting causes any cut scene to be just a drag. I also found the world to be just uninteresting, even with a bunch of lore written about it. Overall, I found Stellar Blade’s story, characters, and world just incredibly boring. However, I should note that there are one or two moments when the main protagonist, EVE, is being badass and for a second, I would be engaged, but after that moment wears off, I lost interest quickly.

Now I should address the elephant in the room, that being the sexualization of EVE. As someone who enjoys making their characters look cool or attractive in games such as Cyberpunk or Baldur’s Gate, some of the character design in this game made me uncomfortable. This problem stems from its OPTIONAL outfits for EVE, where some outfits are just lingerie. Ironically enough, all the outfits are incredibly detailed and fun to look at, but they are just too revealing. Thankfully, these outfits are optional, and you could just use the base suit which sort of fixes that problem. Of course, you will still notice some unrealistic jiggling on certain parts of her body, but thankfully it becomes less noticeable in the latter half of the game. So if you have an issue with EVE’s sexualization in the marketing or social media talk, you might have some trouble with Stellar Blade. Of course, I am probably not the right person to discuss such topics but felt that I should at least point it out.

While it may have sounded like I HATED Stellar Blade, I thought it was fun. Sometimes video games do not need to tell an emotional story and it just needs to be mindless fun, which is okay. I am hoping Shift Up can learn some lessons from Stellar Blade’s mistakes because if they do, I can see a sequel being great. Overall, I thought Stellar Blade had fun gameplay, pretty music and looked amazing on the PS5, but found it lacking in quality with its story, characters, and world. As a result, my final score for Stellar Blade is a 7 out of 10. I just would not recommend playing this in front of family or significant others.

Honestly this game is soooo fucking good. The graphics are one of the best I’ve seen in a long time and the combat is so fun and intuitive. The game gets you so immersed in its world and it helps that each enemy are so unique to their own abilities as well as design. The soundtrack is also so good no need for further explanation. At the end of the day I highly recommend you play this game.

rear automata did not disappoint actually a fire game

GooeyScale: 80/100

Ends up in an uncomfortable middle ground between standard 3rd person action-adventure fare and FromSoft-style combat that isn't fully exploited until the last few hours. Suffers from pacing and structural issues--I thought I was in the smack middle of the game when it turns out I was on the edge of the final act. In that sense the game feels weirdly unfinished. The first wasteland is surprisingly large and open. Then the second open area is much smaller (but denser)... But there are only those two zones like that. Why do they exist? Why are there only two-three of those boring gun-only puzzle/platforming levels? Why does the game set up that you need 6 more macguffins, but you end up magically acquiring a bunch when they decide it's time to wrap?

I found Lily's default outfit disturbingly sexualized, given her childlike, aegyo-y depiction. Thankfully I happened to discover a very normal raincoat to put on her. Genuinely don't know if I would have continued without it.

They sexualize Eve in a manner that's less gross and more just off-putting. The writers go out of their way to make Eve as generic and doll-like as possible, which contrasts so starkly against her sculpted body that it becomes uncanny. Please give her an ounce of character, a drop of personality! Make her an airhead, a super-nerd, a bad bitch like Bayonetta--anything!

I like the combat. Struck an enjoyable balance between Sekiro's patient parries and DMC's speedy combos. As alluded to earlier, I wish the game forced you to engage with the combat more deeply. As is, I never felt pushed until the last 4-5 bosses--most of which were actually great, and a large part of why I'm positive on the game at all.

Not hard enough and I don’t appreciate the game locking me into animations. Overall still fun but there is room to improve. I play this game for character action not realism in animations. Would recommend! (Story stinks)

Em pleno 2024, a SHIFT UP entrega um jogo que se preocupa em ser, pasme, um jogo.

Mesmo sob polêmicas, Stellar Blade mostrou-se ser um game sólido, ainda mais levando em conta que é o primeiro AAA dessa desenvolvedora. Sua virtude mais perceptível é a jogabilidade fluida e ágil, ainda que seja uma ação cadenciada. São muitas influências, mas vou dizer que se assemelha a uma espécie de Sekiro, Nier e God of War.

O que mais me chamou a atenção foi o fato dos itens cosméticos serem coletados conforme a sua exploração. Nessa era dos jogos por serviço e de single-players lotados de microtransações, isso se tornou um milagre. Eu adoro sair pelo mapa explorando sem rumo, e por conta disso consegui as mais de 50 roupas de forma orgânica. E em cada canto que você vai tem algo de interessante, algum item como recompensa - isso é maravilhoso!!

Jogar Stellar Blade me fez relembrar os tempos de PS2 pra trás, quando os jogos eram mais direto ao ponto e tua diversão era a prioridade. Apenas citando alguns pontos negativos, ele possui uma mecânica de plataforma um pouco confusa, algumas missões secundárias que são simples até demais e a amizade dos personagens principais é construída de forma apressada. Felizmente são falhas mínimas. Detalhe que platinei com 100 horas, bem mais que o necessário, porém me diverti em todos os momentos que gastei nele.

Ah! Além de tudo isso nós temos a lindíssima da Eve, que tem uma dublagem super fofa e se mostrou ser uma personagem altruísta e benevolente - amei ela! 😘 E o figurino, ó, divino! Minhas roupas favoritas foram as do Kill Bill (amarelo esportivo), Paixão Esmeralda e a Rosa Negra - muito lindinha essa aqui!! Quais as de vocês?

Nota Final: 85/100 - O boss mais difícil de Stellar Blade é a escada.😥

Um hack n slash genérico, sem sal que se pendura na sexualização do corpo feminino.
Uma história pífia e rasa, gameplay enjoativa, personagens com a mesma carisma de uma porta e por aí vai.

Story 7/10
Visuals 10/10
Difficulty 7/10

O ponto mais alto deste jogo, sem dúvidas, é a jogabilidade e os inimigos. No entanto, não ter a opção de desligar as músicas que ficam tocando é um pouco enjoativo.

Apesar de gostar da história, não sei até que ponto gostei destes personagens em termos de personalidade e construção, pois tudo soa meio vazio ou muito superficial.

Sobre os inimigos, há muitos designs incríveis, mas é uma pena que os mais legais apareçam menos que os demais.

Há uma sacada bem interessante envolvendo o nome de dois dos três protagonistas, que a gente só vai entender lá no final.

No geral, vale o tempo.

We have Nier at home. En iyi zamanlarında vasat oğlu vasat bir aksiyon oyunu. En kötü zamanlarında da kadın vücudunu her fırsatta fetişize eden, saçma sapan içi bomboş fake intellectual bir hikayeyle vakit harcayan, cutsceneleri geçemediğin, inatla platforming yaptırmaya çalışan boktan bir oyun. Esinlenmek ile kopyalamanın farkını bildiklerini düşünmüyorum. Yoko Taro'nun fikrinin bi değeri yok btw

Wife’s Reaction:
“You knowingly married an outspoken feminist, and yet you bring this into my house?!”

Nearly NieR:
Stellar Blade wears a lot of its inspiration on its sleeve and it all works amazingly. I’m a big fan of the combat with its speed and impact, and the game’s soundtrack is awesome. But the game falters by not diversifying its gameplay enough and having a lacking story.

Stellar Blade tiene un combate espectacular (desafiante, pero muy asequible para todo el mundo), una OST muy buena con reminiscencias a Nier y una exploración completa que para nada me esperaba.
La historia, pese a tener un buen trasfondo y un final muy decente, es quizás su punto más flojo. La narrativa se diluye en las zonas de "mundo abierto" y el las animaciones faciales no transmiten nada.

Muy recomendado a los amantes de la acción.

I had a blast with this one. The combat is extremely addicting and fun- the attacks, combos, and counters feel super satisfying and look amazing. All of EVE's finishers go so fucking crazy dude. the exploration is engaging, soundtrack SLAPS, the side quests feel rewarding and worth doing. The story is decent, it's not anything groundbreaking but it's solid and cohesive. And man the customization is just top tier. Had a lot of fun mixing and matching the different outfits, hair styles and accessories. Lord those outfits. peak fanservice while also being very fun to play. THANK YOU SHIFT UP! THANK YOU EVE!

Stellar Blade é simplesmente LINDO. A iluminação e cenários desse jogo são de tirar o fôlego. É impressionante a variedade de paisagens diferentes que vemos e quanto cada uma é impressionante. A atenção aos modelos dos personagens também é incrível. O jogo também está super bem otimizado no PS5, não tive um único crash e os loadings são muito rápidos, tanto para entrar no game, quanto dentro do próprio.

A jogabilidade do jogo não é nada super especial. A Eve se movimenta de forma bem leve e fácil de controlar. Em alguns momentos senti que as animações poderiam ter uma transição melhor entre uma e outra, mas não foi um incomodo constante. Algumas sessões do jogo são focadas no parkour e puzzles. Essas conseguiram fazer eu me sentir num jogo de plataforma, achei divertido.

Eu completei TODAS as sidequests do jogo, e sim, acabaram ficando repetitivas depois de um tempo. Pelo menos você conhece um elenco ótimo de personagens secundários e faz umas atividades interessantes.

Os mini games também são um ponto a comentar. São constantes, tem vários diferentes, nenhum muito difícil ou irritante. Em alguns jogos o excesso de mini games é um problema, em Stellar Blade com certeza não é o caso. Até pescar é divertidinho nesse jogo.

O combate do jogo tem sim uma certa curva de aprendizado. Não vou dizer que é simplesmente fácil ou difícil. Dar parry com constância não é fácil e você precisa se acostumar a usar TUDO que o jogo te entrega. Isso é ótimo, acaba criando um combate muito divertido. O melhor é que o jogo continua introduzindo novas mecânicas e habilidades durante todo a jornada da Eve. Eu desbloqueei UMA ÁRVORE DE HABILIDADES INTEIRA em plenas 15 horas de jogo e um tempinho depois o famosíssimo modo RAGE que pressiona ambos os analógicos, que todo jogo tem hoje em dia.

Também tenho que falar que as animações dos golpes, tanto da Eve quanto dos inimigos são ESPETACULARES. Tudo muito fluído e lindo de se ver. Juntando tudo isso com os efeitos exagerados e a trilha sonora maravilhosa (falarei dela) cria um combate dinâmico, tenso e muito divertido. A variedade de inimigos comuns é absurda, deixando cada área nova interessante e mantendo o jogo e o desafio renovados.

Falando sobre os chefes: quando eu comprei o jogo eu não esperava chefes muito fodas ou especiais. Eu estava muito enganado. O jogo tem diversos chefes, todos muito únicos, com movesets variados e interessantes. Devo dar destaque aos Naytibas alfas, que são todos SENSACIONAIS. Toda a antecipação pela aparição deles é paga na hora da batalha. Aviso: você vai se estressar e morrer... Morrer MUITO.

Stellar Blade conta muito da própria Lore através de documentos e livros. Os NPCs tbm tem falas que explicam algumas coisas. Realmente é o tipo de coisa que vai depender do interesse do jogador. Quanto à história principal, eu gostei bastante, conta uma história bem fechadinha, com alguns mistérios e uma reta final tensa e emocionante e com alguns Plot twists interessantes. Eu achei o final (o que eu consegui, pq tem 3 no total) pouco satisfatório, infelizmente.
Sobre a protagonista: Eve é carismática, corajosa e caridosa. Também se mostra impaciente e mandona em alguns momentos, mas sempre é a voz da razão no trio principal. No geral ela tem bastante personalidade e os comentários dela são ótimos. Gostaria de ter ouvido ela falando com mais frequência.
Também vou citar a Lily Artemis. Essa tinha tudo pra ser insuportável, mas acaba sendo uma companhia ótima nessa jornada. O bom humor e ocasionais surtos de raiva dela são engraçados sem ser completamente caricatos. Lily é simplesmente o coração dessa aventura

Não vou falar muito sobre o design de som e a trilha sonora porque são coisas que você precisa jogar para entender, mas merecem muito serem citadas. O design de som de Stellar Blade é PRIMOROSO. Tudo tem um som condizente e satisfatório. Desde inserir uma moeda pra ativar um acampamento, até os golpes mais mirabolantes da Eve. Tudo que eu elogiei acima só é melhorado pelo design de som. A trilha sonora é algo divino. Feita pelo mesmo estúdio de Nier, se não me engano. Todas as grandes lutas tem trilhas memoráveis, e cada lugar novo que você vai é impossível não prestar atenção na trilha nova que agracia teus ouvidos. Vão procurar no YouTube porque vale a pena demais.

Vou falar da personalização também porque é importante. No jogo é possível personalizar o cabelo da Eve, e de alguma forma eu fui jogar sem saber disso kkkkkkkkkkkk
As opções são lindas e variadas, da até pra mudar a cor. Eu sou fanzola de qualquer tipo de personalização em jogo.
Agr o ponto polêmico, os trajes. O jogo tem cerca de 40 "nano-trajes" para a Eve, e me surpreendeu bastante que a maioria é extremamente único. Temos pouquíssimas roupas que só variam em cor. Algumas são extremamente lindas e não vou negar que todas são criativas e tem seu mérito. E sim, temos trajes extremamente sexualizados no jogo. Eu pessoalmente não curto jogar assim. Tem quem goste e tá tudo bem, não vou ficar palestrando sobre nada. Meu ponto sobre Stellar Blade é que é um PUTA JOGO, independente disso aí.


sony will murder senran kagura for having "too much fanservice" but this yoko taro slop of a game gets a pass for some reason?

Stellar Blade lives up to the hype as it delivers a well written and captivating story along with a main protagonist that has the potential to be one of PlayStations best icons when it's all said and done.

The future is bright here!

Incredible combat, interesting world, solid story, and amazing OST. My only issue is its a bit too easy but the bosses are incredible. I still need to try it on hard mode to see if its better but overall amazing game.

The combat is unreal and super smooth, 10/10. The graphics are also impressive 8.5/10. The story didn't grip me as I had hoped 7/10, but it's an excellent game nonetheless.

Surprisingly good, satisfying combat, serviceable story, impressive visuals and music, super fun to play

Eu escrevo e apago escrevo e apago sobre o que dizer sobre esse jogo, sendo que na real senhores, Stellar Blade é um puta jogo bom, trilha sonora foda, elenco de personagens carismáticos, combate divertido (isso vindo de uma pessoa que detesta soulslike) e gráficos muitos bonitos, especialmente da nossa protagonista ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jogos como esse me lembram fortemente franquias ou IPs mais obscuras como de Nier, Bayonetta, Lollipop Chainsaw e Onechanbara, contendo belíssimas protagonistas tendo que lidar com diversas situações de risco e muita ação desenfreada; De qualquer forma, eu gosto bastante, então posso ser um pouco suspeito pra comentar sobre.

Stellar Blade é esse tipo de jogo, só que Triple A, com mais orçamento injetado e por consequência, bem mais trabalhado e apresentável. O resultado final ficou muito bom, da modelagem dos personagens que é incrível, dos efeitos especiais gerados pelos ataques, além dos variados cenários que passamos no decorrer da aventura; tudo é muito bem feito, não chega a ser nova geração, mas impressiona de qualquer forma.

O combate como eu disse é divertido, uma mescla entre soulslike e hack´slash que funciona surpreendentemente, a dificuldade vai depender muito do jogador, pra quem é experiente no gênero souls imagino que vai tirar de letra, mas ainda assim oferece bons desafios nos momentos finais; tem uma frase que eu li recentemente envolvendo os últimos 4 chefes que achei interessante, é como se o jogo tivesse falando pra você diretamente: "nós vamos testar suas habilidades tão intensamente nesses 4 últimos chefes, mas enquanto isso, toma aqui uma faixas musicais fodas pra caralho" e já fazendo uma ponte, quero elogiar fortemente a trilha sonora desse jogo; isso vai de gosto no caso, levando em conta que é um jogo coreano, obviamente teremos faixas coreanas, Tachy´s Theme é minha faixa favorita depois de um certo evento que presenciamos no game, seguida pela Raven´s Theme que é um soco no estômago logo de cara, depois você se vê procurando pela faixa na internet inconscientemente; além delas, temos outras muito boas como Space Center, Buzzsaw Slide, Flooded Commercial Sector entre muitas outras.

Questão de personalização, tanto de builds gerais quanto da aparência da Eve é tudo positivo, realmente o lance de ter mais de 70 roupas SEM MICROTRANSAÇÕES é verdade (eu tava cético quanto a isso e felizmente estava errado) além de termos diversos penteados e acessórios pra escolhermos, algo muito bem vindo.

Em questão de atividades secundárias, o título possui uma quantidade considerável, entre elas temos as "secundárias principais" envolvendo personagens importantes, quadro de missões para completarmos tarefas, que nos dão mais contexto sobre o mundo do jogo, sistema de pesca, coletar latinhas de bebida e MUITOS documentos em cada distrito para os complecionistas de plantão.

Uma coisa que eu não gostei tanto, foram as similaridades entre os mapas semi-abertos que o jogo possui, naturalmente Stellar Blade é uma experiência linear, mas temos 2 segmentos onde podemos explorar livremente esses mapas eee, parece um CTRL C CTRL V sinceramente, apesar de terem suas diferenças, são praticamente o mesmo bioma, achei meio tosco.

Outras coisas que valem ser mencionadas:


- 1 minuto de silêncio para glorificar as animações desse jogo por favor, adorei aquele double jump que a Eve faz tipo estrela, muito bonito pqp.

- A empresa coreana conseguiu lançar uma atualização de new game plus day one, e a Insomniac Games LEVANDO 6 MESES PRA ADICIONAR A MESMA NO MIRANHA 2, MEU DEUS CARA.

PRA FINALIZAR, gostei pakas de acompanhar a jornada da Eve e estarei torcendo pra uma futura sequência, acredito que Stellar Blade se tornou um dos melhores exclusivos de PS5 no mercado atualmente e não poderia estar mais feliz :D