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Final bosses with 200 phases never fail to disappoint

Obama penguim went so hard

One star for each gon gon plushie that was in my inventory

This game is fantastic but if this gets the GOTY nomination over Like a Dragon 8 then Geoff is a fraud

Was playing a fun game of "Where's Daigo?" in the finale, sadly I didn't win that round. Which is ironic, because that's exactly what Daigo would do.

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This game stripped me of my happiness not once but Twice, I fucking hate RGG studios

Let's go golfing! (Kuma's Version)

One of the most influential RPG's ever made. You can see how unique and charming the enemy designs are here even in an NES game. Enjoyable but you probably will need a guide, and the grind can get tedious. Back in the day this would've been mindblowing to play but with speedup and guides, the game is honestly not that long and only serves as a piece of history to experience.

Sonon is so cool until he's a plot device