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I'm in the minority of people who think the original Portal is the better of the two games, and while this game does start to wear it's welcome thin towards the end, and thinks it's a bit funnier than it actually is (don't worry, I do too), it's still a really good time, especially with it's co-op mode.

Vampire Survivors is the Ready Player One of video games.
It has a lot of flash, pushes a few nostalgia buttons, and is fun for a time. There isn't really enough of substance here to carry the game, however. The celebrations and numbers going up certainly feel great -- in the same way that Cookie Clicker can feel great.
The hook is that Vampire Survivors is stripped down, with only movement to worry about. It is a cool idea, but I am disappointed that the removed complexity isn't leveraged to add something interesting to the game.
Vampire Survivors looks ok, has ok sound, and feels fine to play.
There just really isn't enough here for me to particularly care about once I get past the cheap dopamine hits it delivered in its first hours.

Call it a Zelda ripoff all you want, but anyone who's played Neutopia before can tell you it's harder to ripoff Zelda than it looks

the kind of rarefied trash that only RE at it's best can provide

I think I could play Tinykin forever.
If there were always more areas to explore, I would never get tired of this game. It's a beautiful hybrid of 3D platforming and stress-free, enemyless Pikmin, a combination I never would have come up with myself. Playing Tinykin feels like putting vanilla extract in your lemonade for the first time. (I'm serious, it's delicious, BUT JUST A TINY BIT DON'T OVERDO IT) This new combination of things I already loved has blown me away.
Now, 100%ing the game was a bit of a drag at the end, but I did eventually find every single Tinykin and every bit of pollen in the house. If I could change one thing about the game, I would have included an unlockable radar for both Tinykin and Pollen. Since there are two exhibits in the hub area that you're meant to fill (the drinks and the artefacs), radar/detectors being rewards for completing each of these would have been perfect. There's no real reward for completion other than achievements, but the game was so delightful that I wanted to play every bit of it that I could.
The story is wack though, I rewatched the ending twice and still can't confidently explain what really happened!

What I expected: Indie Pikmin. I mean Games Pass has already given me that before (Hi Wild at Heart). What I got? An incredibly colourful, charming and engaging collect-a-thon platformer that made me feel like I was back on my PlayStation hoovering up every item to find in sight.
This honestly was an absolute joy to play from start to finish and before I knew it, I had been playing for about 7 hours and was watching the credits scrolling. Everything about this is so fun, from the scaling of household items and rooms turned into levels to cramming them full of collectables, tricky jumping parts and bouncy music.
Sure the ending was a bit on the sudden side and part of me wishes there was a little more but I dont care. I had a blast and im left feeling very happy and content. I still have a few more bits and pieces to find so... I better get to it!

shhhh.... I actually prefer and have more fun with this than Final Fantasy X. Tell no one.
Seriously. If you were to ask me to pick which one i'd rather play, i'd rather play this explosion of colour, open choices and amusing character vs the more linear and often rather clumsy FFX. I prefer the job system, the general storylines and characters and overall its just more fun for me in general. Its also a pretty good game full-stop which also helps a ton.

My mom and dad watched me play the intro in our living room and I've never been more embarrassed to be alive

formally, one of the most effective character studies in RPGs. aesthetically, aurally, visually, and functionally, the gayest game ever made

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