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Definitely one of the most fun fighting games I've ever played, the character roster is top notch, the music is incredibly well made, and I adore the artstyle.

This one is weird. I like everything about it more than the first game, except for one thing. The structure. I didn't enjoy having to grind out the three starting dungeons over and over to get materials to build the castle. Other than that, the game improves on the original in nearly every way. It's just as strategic, just as fun, the characters have even more personality, there's a larger variety of items and enemies.. The castle is really the only reason I slightly prefer the original Shiren. Still, totally worth playing.

Short and sweet. The mission objective variety isn't amazing, but enough happens during the missions to keep things interested. Never once did I feel like the game overstayed its welcome. The story is well told, and although it's not on the level of Ace Combat 5, it's still wonderful in its own right.