I’m not one to mobile game but with simple gameplay and mechanics that aren’t too scammy aside from probably not landing where you want, this has passed my personal test.

Am I in too deep with the meta? I just might be, but once that ball starts rolling, the game is fairly addicting.

Continued playthrough - PS5 upgrades n such
marking for future review!

Shoutout my cousin for losing this in my dad's car and giving me the chance to experience it. Lots of content, you can tell this was a great modernization/remaster for the time.

I tried going for the trophy man but fuck that

need to take the time to actually explore more, can see myself returning to this.

Modern classic for a reason, shoutout to the one person to join me. What its all about

Too short but so enjoyable. Love the style and world it throws you in. Chill play

one of the best campaigns in the series with actually recognizable characters

still have no idea how I did it, took me months

Platted! Obsessed with this one and one of the highlights of the indie games coming out that era.