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March 22, 2023

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the game is ULTRA fun! It may seem a little complex/cliché at first sight but for a deceiving game, it is really well made. Imma point out the some good stuff that I think sold me the game instantly:
- NPC behaviour is crazy, there is no freaking way you can identify a player by the way they, walk, run, stop, or whatever. They're AI is very sussy and I made a lot of mistakes when I thought I was sure they were players.
- Gun play/character classes adds a lot to the game. They agents are all different and each of them play differently and have very fun synergy to play with friends. the "shooter" side of the game is well made and skill based, it doesn't depend only on who saw it first. Unless you're playing with an agent that can do a lot of damage if he get's anyone by surprise (see? synergy!).
- A lot of different and giant maps at launch. Every team spawns far from each other and it can be a long time without seeing anyone, or you can spend 5 minutes at war with another squad.
- Each agent has a lot costumization and unlockables that you progress through while playing.
The price tag may be a little high around 20$ but if you have the opportunity to try it you won't regret it