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[played on early access]
Man this game is amazing... The early access as very very low content (only one level) but compensated on the number of different characters. The combat is very fluid and very unique and all characters have completly different gameplay. The art is really good too. I'm very excited for the full launch

I'll try to keep this short: Hogwarts legacy is amazing but it has some problems that keep it away from the "masterpiece" status.
The first hours of the game will give you a very good feeling of overwhelmingness given how many things you will be given to explore and toy with. For harry potter fans there isn't much to add, you know you will love every single detail they've put in the game, and there are a lot of them. Everyone will for sure have a good time with the game and I can say it lived for the hype.
Now I would like to leave a note on what I actually think could've been a lot better (a bit unfair but everyone knows the game is good so):
- Too much beasts related repetitive content that could've easily been cut off to insert quidditch in any way. This is my biggest complaint. I was done with beasts long before its quest content was over and I really missed quidditch.
- A lot of good characters were left off in a very secondary plane while ultra forgetable and not interesting characters were always in the main scene of the game (yes fig you are as relevant as a table).
- The game as a very very good start and a very good ending to almost every questlines inclunding main. But the "mid game" is very repetitive and you feel like you are doing the same thing and stalling the same quest lines for too long until you reach climax. It feels like they only put a lot of effort for first and final impacts and just left the mid game to roll itself for hours to stretch repetitive content. That's ok for harry potter fans I mean it's the game we always wanted but from an objective prespective it is a bit boring at times.
- Rewards and collectables are not the strongest point in the game. Loot it's always gear, and despite the very cool cosmetics you can combine, it feels like there could have a been a lot more types of good collectibles for so MUCH secondary repetitive tasks (dozens of merlin trials e.g). Wish there was chocolate frog cards.
- Lack of relevant rpg builds to differ playstyle: wasn't expecting this to be in the game, but a lot of people were hyped for it

the game is ULTRA fun! It may seem a little complex/cliché at first sight but for a deceiving game, it is really well made. Imma point out the some good stuff that I think sold me the game instantly:
- NPC behaviour is crazy, there is no freaking way you can identify a player by the way they, walk, run, stop, or whatever. They're AI is very sussy and I made a lot of mistakes when I thought I was sure they were players.
- Gun play/character classes adds a lot to the game. They agents are all different and each of them play differently and have very fun synergy to play with friends. the "shooter" side of the game is well made and skill based, it doesn't depend only on who saw it first. Unless you're playing with an agent that can do a lot of damage if he get's anyone by surprise (see? synergy!).
- A lot of different and giant maps at launch. Every team spawns far from each other and it can be a long time without seeing anyone, or you can spend 5 minutes at war with another squad.
- Each agent has a lot costumization and unlockables that you progress through while playing.
The price tag may be a little high around 20$ but if you have the opportunity to try it you won't regret it