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This is exactly how the Second Run in RE2R should've been!
Separate Ways is an interesting spin on an already intriguing narrative paired with great gameplay and fun new mechanics (grappling hook!). The new bosses and levels are pretty amazing and it even comes with 50 new challenges AND new costumes for Ada and Luis!
Amazing value for just 10 bucks, an easy recommendation from my side.

Playthrough completed in 21 hours and 12 minutes on Normal difficulty. Bit slow from the beginning but picked up towards the end. Loved the unexpected twist. Combat, movement and perks feel improved however the world and story hit better with the first game. Just felt like it lacked some of the magic the first one had. Still great. Although my Star Wars interest is in rapid decline since the Disney content machine has been in full acceleration so it could be that.

Co-op Playthrough finished in 6 hours 30 minutes with JJ D00M. (Minus failed missions time).
Another great addition to the Halo Wars games, can't decide if I prefer 1 or 2. Across the board the level design was either terrible or perfect and no inbetween. More units/buildings/interactive spots on the map but the graphics seemed a bit more cartooney for this one and also didn't feel AS HALO as the original Wars game. Cutscenes went hard.
Played all DLC. Was cool to play as Atriox and also firefight is a no brainer for strategy. Would've loved a mode like that on BFME.

Standard difficulty playthrough finished in 11 hours 40 mins. (A rank)
One of, if not the best Resident Evil remake from Capcom so far. Unbelievably quality game, once again setting the bar high for the gaming industry. Truly the leaders in next gen gaming at the moment.

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