Although it is an improvement over Persona 3, there's not enough radical change to the structure to Persona 3 itself. The world feels empty and Tartarus is just as boring as it was in P3 and P3P. Combat and movement all feel stiff. even if flashy. Not worth $70 at all, especially when a game with twice as much content and more satisfying controls such as Persona 5 Royal can regularly be had for half of that cost.

A poorly-executed sloppy add-on to Sonic Frontiers carried by a banger OST and a fantastic final fight.

A short, but incredibly endearing game. A fun concept done particularly well. Writing is incredibly fun, and the ending feels concrete. Incredibly well-done, especially for a game that's entirely free-to-play. With clear inspiration from Paper Mario, Celeste, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more, it's a fun game that knows how to balance itself out; even if it takes some getting used to. Lots of depth to be found, regardless of how short it is. I do recommend using a single 16:9 display, though - some parts of the game don't like 32:9 displays or display scaling above 100%.

If you liked Oreimo the show, and enjoy VNs, you'll probably like this. Kind of middling, and non-canon-compliant, but it's cute and charming enough to not get too exhausting.

It also has Madoka Magica-themed strip breakout, for...some reason.

Most of the game felt like filler compared to something like SM64. I don't think the open-area approach fits Mario much.

Super fun and addicting and captivating, but haven't gone back to it after losing my save file.

Damn they weren't kidding it really is the ultimate Smash.

My favorite Pokemon game. I replay it yearly. Amazing region, fun Pokemon designs, and some of the most interesting designs and characters there are. Phenomenal postgame.

Generic and underwhelming, but not frustratingly bland like SwSh were.

Gen 6 had some failures, but ORAS was incredibly fun to play through - the QoL features were well appreciated, and though the game may have been too easy, the postgame was fun as hell.

The best way to enjoy the first-gen Pokemon games.

Innovative for the time, but not fun to go back to.

Boring, repetitive, and just kind of made me want to play Tomodachi Life instead.

I just want more. The funny quirky little Mii game is so fun. I want more. Please, Nintendo. Please.

One of the greatest singleplayer experiences Nintendo has ever put out. Atmosphere, lore, music, story - everything is perfectly captivating.