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At first I wasn't expecting miracles from this one because well... it's a game about the Minions before the Minions, the Rabbids. But I'll be damned, this is legitimately a great game for a first time and even more suprising, it's really fun.
While it doesn't do anything mindblowing, Rabbids Go Home solidly executes what it was set out to do: An absurd adventure about creatures stealing stuff from a city to pile them up in order to reach the moon. Literally NOTHING in this game can be taken seriously because of the comedic nature of it, not even the humans, and here that's absolutely perfect LMAO
The gameplay loop presented involves two Rabbids in a shopping cart platforming their way through the levels grabbing every single object possible, while also adding mechanics to make the controls more fun, like special cutscenes for certain objects or a drift boost. Also the music is amazing, the romanian brass band music really showcases the chaotic nature of the Rabbids.

It certainly has its flaws, like the lack of variation between some levels making it feel repetitive from time to time, or even some softlocking bugs I got to experience on my playthrough because "Bugisoft", but all in all it was still a blast to play this game!

Started with some fun ideas related to greek mythologies, but it all got old really fast, culminating with a game filled to the brim with Waterbending and Chains of Hades users.
The battle pass was pretty meh, with the designs for the gods being very forgettable, Ares locked behind THE CREW SKIN WHY??? and Korra as the guest character this time, but I didn't care because I'm no Avatar fan tbh.
In terms of the main collabs, they were all over the place suffocating the ACTUAL season stuff, but the Avatar one was honestly the best one of them all and probably the greatest time to play the season since the elements were a lot of fun to mess around with. The Star Wars collab kinda just passed by, idk.

A really good theme for a season definitely wasted with so many little inconsistencies that got accumulated and stumbled upon everything else...

bola 👍
One of the most alright games, nothing too crazy or notable about it but a cute experience nonetheless.
I like the ideas the game was going for, such as the grapple mechanic being the main concept for enhanced movement and platforming throughout the levels, while also just being the tongue of our goofy little character which is all good for a physics-based game of its kind. The main problem is certainly the execution, since the physics themselves are quite janky, and the controls feel very heavy both on the ground and in the air to the point you can't even turn directions properly during crucial moments the game requires of your reaction and sense of balance to progress, and the sensation becomes even more noticeable after the first levels which makes it quite frustrating to play.
Also, the level design is okay-ish in general, but after world 2 it gets filled with dead ends, uneven collisions for the platforms you stand on, and the "scripted" events don't work most of the time and you better pray for them to land you on the intended section.
The only thing I truly liked beyond all jank is the OST, which has some of the craziest piano melodies I've heard for a set of MIDI audio files. They are not the most memorable and the instruments do not vary, but it's a good treat all considered.
This game is a bunch of varied gimmicks that end up feeling unpolished and underwhelming after a while, lacking a clear direction in the process. They work alright, but not for a greater good on the long run...