My reflexes aren't great, so a lot of games are unreasonably hard to me.
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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
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May 20

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Animal Well
Animal Well

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Dragon's Dogma II
Dragon's Dogma II

May 11

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I got stuck on the shifting room maze thing in the Proving Ground. I frequently found myself wondering "so what do I do, exactly?", and it was kinda just one too many times. I did like the game when I was able to follow along what I was expected to do to progress things.

This game is just way too hard for me to play. After failing to do a jump 3 or 4 times in a row, it just sucks the life out of things. So you give up and go somewhere else, and it's another screen full of impossible jumps. Then you fall down from there and get stuck in yet another different screen of impossible jumps. If you don't have amazing 2d-platformer type reflexes, I wouldn't get this one.

It's really bad, which would be fine, but also it's unplayable.