Meow! Currently trying to learn how to drop games I'm not enjoying. Favorites are in no particular order, just lined up for aesthetics.
I tend to write stuff that's long and journalesque as I find it fun. I believe games of any kind present lovely opportunities to connect with others and understand them more.
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I don't have enough to say here for a proper review or rating, but I think it'd be nice to document a couple of my experiences here in case I forget them one day. Perhaps if you read this you'll be able to synthesize parts of my experience into your own and feel more concretely however you do about this game.
Pokémon Crater was the first Pokémon game of any kind that I played, most likely around 2005 or 2006 or so. I'd watched some of the TV show through thrift store VHS tapes and collected the trading cards as hand-me-downs from cousins and friends but hadn't really gotten to play any of the games. The first real one I played was a copy of Crystal a cousin of mine owned, but that wouldn't be until a little later than this.
I first heard about Crater from Andrew, a kid on the bus who I was friends with through my brother. I wound up playing it for the first time at a Best Buy at one of their sample laptops (a Mac, I presume) while my father was there to browse their wares and buy something (maybe an appliance?). I was there for quite a while so I got to play the game for a fair bit before we left. I picked Cyndaquil to start with, and I remember playing against a number of the Hoenn gym leaders before challenging a couple Johto ones and maybe a Kanto one. It was a nice long session, at least by my young standards.
After that I didn't play it again due to no consistent family computer internet access for a while till I randomly went to a local coffee shop my father frequented. They had a mini internet café there and with his permission I went on and played the game again. I believe I picked the same pokémon on a new account (if I even made one...) and more or less did the same thing again, though I remember going a bit further than the previous time. I want to say I challenged at least one Frontier Brain or Elite Four member.
And then... I can't remember any specific instances of playing it again. I know for a fact I played it at least one more time at that café later on, as well as on the family laptop on one of the few times where I was allowed to use it to browse the web (and wasn't playing RuneScape or AdventureQuest or Club Penguin). Weirdly I didn't ever go on there at school despite my second elementary school giving us plenty of opportunities to play games when we were done with our computer classwork -- I think I just used Club Penguin more there cause most of my classmates were on that so it was more of a fun social thing.
Still, I always loved Crater so it's a bit odd I didn't hop on more. I guess the same could be said about a lot of sites. My internet access was quite limited for a while, though, and by the time I got my own little netbook (a turquoise Toshiba NB505, very cute) I guess I'd forgotten about a lot of that stuff. I think a lot about how I never got to play much of the offerings on cause a lot of the stuff I'd wanted to play was no longer available like MNOG 1.
Ah, but that's a big digression. Back to Crater...
I think every few years I'd hop on it for a couple hours and then leave, never retaining the same account. Despite keeping accounts for sites like Global Pokédex Plus/GPX+ and Pokémon Showdown and even flash game sites back then, I never seemed to pin one down for Crater. Weird. Anyway, after middle school I pretty much never touched it again until the year I graduated from college. I decided to visit it, and finding that it'd gone through several name and site changes until it was now Pokémon Vortex Battle Arena, I was intrigued. It turned out it pretty much played the same as it always had, though, and in a way it was even cooler that way. I made an account that I keep to this day and every once in a long while I'll hop back in to actually make progress. Maybe I should go back to it sometime.
This game is adorable and if/when it goes down one day I'll be really really sad. Even though I've resolved not to really keep up with Pokémon much in general, this is one of those warmhearted and sincere projects that I can't help but follow quietly when I can as opposed to more high-profile media -- official or otherwise. It's really impressive how long the people behind this have kept it going for. I cherish this game even if I never got to play it too often when I was younger. It's hard to explain but it brings a sense of comfort thinking about it. Not nostalgia per se, but I suppose a sense of relaxation booting up something that you haven't touched in many years. It's almost like a time capsule, and certainly one I appreciate very much for existing.

This review contains spoilers

Finished on Hardcore. Fun, but feels more overfilling or disposable in a way that I didn't really expect. I enjoyed the vast majority of the changes made to the original story and pacing with just a few dips in quality. Overall the package is both fun and feels worth the wait, at least in these few hours after finishing it for the first time.
The actual moment to moment gameplay is quite fun as well, but I never actually found myself getting into a state of flow. It felt as if the survival horror-esque "fighting the controls" design clearly intended for the RE2 Remake was simply plopped into this game via the engine without nearly as much care put in as there could have been. The game gives far more vulnerability than it seemingly should have; I was told at first that I was not parrying enough, but even after getting really really good at knife strats there still were quite a few times where I was animation locked into unavoidable deaths when I had healing items in my inventory which I couldn't open the menu to use.
Still, the overall design deserves praise. The game was just as addictive as the original and its small shooting gallery bonus mode was a treat. Each area feels much more carefully crafted to look and feel like a horrific maze of a village (and castle and island lab) with impressive lighting and effects to match. The treasures, while hidden in somewhat monotonous ways, were always fun to find and collect, and getting that last gem for a big multiplier was something I didn't think I'd be craving as much as I did. Even despite the low run speed the game also felt designed in such a way that backtracking is both easy and quick for the most part which I veeeeery much appreciate.
One thing I do want to bring up is that I felt that the weakest part of the original game in my eyes - the bosses - was barely improved if at all in this remade edition. Somehow the VR version of the original has far and away been my favorite when it came to those despite them just being direct adaptations of the original's rather poor showings. There were a few notable improvements for sure, but I found myself snoring just as much during the Del Lago and Krauser fights as I always have, and Mendez was genuinely terrible compared to a somewhat likable fight in the original. Minibosses such as the Regeneradors were similarly snooze. I consider this a negative only because this is at least in part a derivative work, so I would have hoped that any of those things would have been ironed out. At the very least some key bosses like Salazar and Saddler were buffed in quality and stood out as fun moments where the original had been just fine.
As stated before I enjoyed most of the narrative changes; weirdly, though, I still found myself preferring some characters from the original based on the pacing of their appearances. Luis in particular felt like he barely had any presence until immediately before his death despite there being several hours of game wherein he could have at least had more characterization via a video call. Similarly, I found myself weirdly detached from Salazar too. While his appearances more or less mirrored those of the original game, he still didn't really get to have any banter or small talk with Leon. I'm sure many have said this before but I do rather enjoy this almost Life is Strange (good connotation) feeling Ashley in the remake. She reminds me of a couple friends I had back in college, so evidently they did their homework in characterization. My last real remark on the narrative is that I do like the more religious tone they took with the Iluminados which was sorely lacking in the original, though toward the end it felt almost a bit too thickly slathered onto an increasingly sparse set of conversations.
To touch on that sense of disposability or overfillingness I described before, there's a feeling of gluttony that I get when getting through this game which I don't really recall from any previous Resident Evil games barring maybe the remake of 2. It's not to say the game isn't replayable, which it definitely is, but it feels almost like a full plate that isn't to be touched much until you're totally empty some amount of time later. While that's not really a problem on its own, I do find the RE games tend to be the types that are incredibly replayable even immediately after you finish them so the difference is jarring. I'm sure for many it's plenty replayable, but for me the difference between it or the 2 Remake and every pre-7 game is staggering. It might just be the level of cinema these newer games go for, but I felt quite tired and done with things even though I took the game at a fairly reasonable pace compared to my usual.
The result then is a game that feels less than a sum of its parts but whose parts are generally of the utmost quality, which puzzlingly contrasts its original form being the polar opposite: jank, weirdness, and of-the-era sensibilities that mix together into what feels like near perfection. The RE4 Remake is lots of fun and the whole way through it was dazzling, but by the end for me it almost didn't feel real. When (not if!) I come back to this game I'm sure it'll be even more fun than before -- it's that kind of game for sure.
RIP Mike and Helicopter. We miss you

it's alright, feels weirdly unpolished and aesthetically weak compared to the rest of its series though. the different characters barely feel designed (or balanced) at all and the microgames also barely feel designed around them, at least not at lower/mid levels. break room customization is adorable, though, and once you get the dream team of ashley/crygor/jimmy/mike or red you're pretty much good to do any microgame, most of which are about as fun as you'd expect.