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It feels like one of those really trashy exploitation films, even down to how poorly the women are handled! For a 90s adventure game, it really doesn't ask the player for much; the puzzles, if they can even be considered that, are very simple, and the action is just clicking on the zombie's weak point (you should know where it is). This is also one of those games where you have to examine absolutely everything in order to progress. I got stuck for like 15 minutes because, for some reason, examining a dead detective's shoulder triggered a new line of dialogue, which then allowed me to progress. The story, while predictable, does go off the rails near the end, which I did find enjoyable, and there are a few lines of dialogue that I did find funny. The pixel art is nice too!

Ghoul School can be considered one of the earliest trailblazers of the "Metroidvania" genre. You are dropped right into the game after the title screen (the story can be found in the manual) and are given quite a bit of freedom when exploring the school. You'll find the occasional dead end and roadblocks that can be conquered later by acquiring a powerup. You start out with a pretty shitty weapon, a bat. Its close range and you'll quickly encounter monsters that fire projectiles or are too low to the ground to hit, like the monkeys that throw wrenches or the little annoying eyeball fucks that will follow you all throughout a room. You can hide in lockers, but I found this almost pointless since enemies that follow will just circle around the locker you're hiding in, or some will just stand and wait right in front of it. Why not just jump over them, right? Well, your jump is pretty shit as well; you simply do not get enough momentum to make it over any of the larger enemies; not even standing on tables and shelves will help you much. I swear there are some jumps you can't make without taking damage. Even when you get the spring shoes, which gives you a bigger jump, damage seems unavoidable.

There's no map of any kind, so getting lost is a given, especially since a lot of the rooms and hallways look very similar. The game does indicate which room you're in on the top left, so that's nice at least. It's in these rooms you enter where you'll find upgrades to your arsenal, like the Deweytron gun, which fires straight, or the Digestaray, which will finally allow you to deal with all those pesky ground bound enemies. I mentioned the spring shoes earlier, but there's also suction cup shoes, which makes you stick to the ceiling. You just need to actually be able to reach the ceiling with your pitiful jump while wearing these to attach to it, so they're used very rarely. You'll probably be scrounging for recovery items quite frequently, which are apples. You can't hold onto any of these, so if you currently don't need one, make sure you remember where it was! You might even find the elusive golden apple, which halves the damage you receive (I wish I had found this).

Find power-ups, get lost, find your way to the literal heart of the ghoul-infested school, and defeat the big bad to rescue the cheerleader you were planning to ask out for the school's Halloween dance. The titular Ghoul School then reverts back to its original state, the "Cool School". The game is kind of shit; your jump sucks and the hit detection can be questionable at times, but despite this, I found this game quite charming, and the OST is memorable enough. It's not on the same level as Monster Party (I'll get to this one later this month), but it's pretty close to that vibe. Worth checking out if you're interested in early "Metroidvanias" or want an interesting curiosity for the spooky month of October.

I don't know what got into me recently, but whenever I would start up a new game, I would lose interest almost immediately. Could I be experiencing burnout? Instead of going through something new, I opted to replay some games instead. I found solace here; it felt good to play games again. So this game releasing in the midst of my burnout was nice. Katamari is the best kind of comfort food.

I love Katamari! To be more specific, I love Katamari Damacy, the first game. There's something about the original's simplicity that always has me coming back for more. Meanwhile, I only ever played We Love Katamari once. It's a great game, just not as great as the original; at least that's how I remembered it, and after playing this remaster, my opinion still stands, but really, they're both fantastic games. I completely understand when people say this is their favorite Katamari game; the levels have more variety, the soundtrack still goes hard, playing as the cousins is a nice touch, the King's backstory, etc. This remaster also adds a few things, like eternal mode, which was absent from the original's release. Eternal mode allows you to roll around levels without a time limit, which I absolutely adore. There is also an added indicator pointing the player to level goals or a barrier that you are now able to get past. Oh, the Royal Reverie content is there too. It's just five additional levels that let you play as the young King. They're not too great, honestly! A bit underwhelming, in fact.

It really all comes down to rolling shit up, and it's still fun to do so, which is something the games that came after WLK weren't able to accomplish. With Keita Takahashi no longer being involved with the series after the release of We Love Katamari, as corny as it is to say, the series lost a bit of its magic. It just never felt the same afterwards, so that's why I'm glad these Reroll games exist. Now if only we could get a new game that is even remotely comparable to the first two games!