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This game had the potential to be great, which makes it all the more disappointing to be unable to rank it a 5/5.

The setting is perfect; it's like a blend of Game of Thrones and Attack on Titan, with the style of Final Fantasy. The best moments of the game occur when the narrative fully utilizes this amazing setting. However, the problem arises when the game quickly succumbs to anime clichés or the typical divine, god-like anime themes that Japanese developers enjoy so much. I am tired of encountering these clichés in Final Fantasy games, and I wish this particular game had focused more on the conflicts within the kingdom and its characters.

The secondary quests feel more like MMO tasks, lacking depth and soul, except for a few of the final quests. Additionally, some mechanics like crafting and shopping feel useless. The store only sells potions, and there's no need to collect materials for crafting since you always seem to have the necessary materials as soon as a new sword becomes available.

The combat, however, didn't disappoint; it's great. I just wish that the hard difficulty was available from the beginning because it's really easy to be overpower just by completing the secondary missions.

Mismo juego. Lo pase solo para pasarme a los bichos a la switch