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This remains my favourite 2D to 3D transition of any video game series. The backtracking and metroidvania aspects are pulled off perfectly for me, making exploration feel exciting every moment of this game. The puzzle-esque combat fits really well with the movement and enemies, making it feel like it's never at the forefront of the game's focus although complimenting the gradual expansion of the map. World building and the soundtrack also greatly improve the playthrough as uncovering the secrets of Tallon IV and the planet's atmosphere boost immersion while it's accompanied by the futuristic soundscapes. There's a reason why this is one of Nintendo's most celebrated titles.

I'll die on the hill that this is the best WW2 campaign. World at War comes close but the journey this game takes you on against the Nazis is fantastic: differing settings, ranging from pure destruction to infiltration behind enemy lines and moments where survival is the only objective. This is incredibly memorable, I'd recommend it to any FPS/WW2 enjoyer.

As far as dungeon crawlers and roguelikes go, this is probably the most I've ever been invested. Especially with the DLC, the runs consistently deliver on variety and I guess the large item pool definitely contributes to that. The setting itself is also very unique which adds to the replayability. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the runs are very RNG reliant which might put some off however the more knowledge you pick up about this game, the more you're able to control the success of your attempts, creating a lengthy but rewarding learning curve.