A passable game made into an amazing one by its robust mod support and a ridiculously passionate community.

Skyrim by itself is not the greatest RPG ever made. It's not terrible, or even mediocre. It's inoffensively fine. But the game's mod library is so obscene that you can mold it into quite literally any kind of RPG you want. You can go all-in on realism, or lean harder into the fantasy. Make the game gruellingly difficult, or easier than it already is. Expand the factions, add new factions, add new continents, there are so many possibilities and we're still getting new ones to this day.

Skyrim is the make-your-own-frozen-yogurt of RPGs. Not everyone likes frozen yogurt, and some people are REALLY vocal about how much they hate it, but the people who do like frozen yogurt can make it however they want. And the fact that we have so many frozen yogurt options at all is a goddamn miracle.

A Newgrounds Flash parody of an RPG.

I had no idea railroading quests was a practice this old. At least the dungeons are sweet.

Slightly easier than the first one if you don't go for a perfect grade, and also not as good.

It's important to understand this isn't just a rage game. Its creator had developed his own reputation & cult following for years before it was made, and this game is full of references to his own work, inside jokes, and general internet culture at the time. This is a time capsule of the late 2000s and his own personal legacy. It belongs in a museum.

Highly recommend reading the Impossible Quiz wiki to understand the logic & reasoning of every question. It shows just how much thought & care went into making it.

Which can you tolerate more: Tryhard satire, or annoying anime girls? This game doesn't let you choose. It has both.

Weird to think that running into enemies to do damage was considered "action" in 1987. Even weirder is it's still bizarrely enjoyable gameplay.

No other game achieves the feeling of building your first home base and hearing an AI say "Welcome aboard, captain" as you set foot in it.

It's Subnautica but on Mars and there aren't any sharks.

A game that tricks you into thinking you'll be the chosen one but instead has you act as the background servant of some dweeb who turns out to be the real chosen one. It's like if Dragon's Dogma made you play as a pawn.

A collection of life lessons inside a multi-solution tesseract. Very few puzzle games manage to be this replayable.

A good game which could be a great game if it didn't have a handful of obnoxious flaws. It's aggravating how close it is to being top-tier.

A hodgepodge of systems that don't really complement each other and gaslight you into thinking they make a difference. When people say Final Fantasy is confusing, this is the game they're talking about.

Fulfills the lesbian urge to drive massive trucks