I mean it's alright like. Still don't understand why this was the final fantasy to get hundreds of spin-offs, probably since the party members are so iconic and Nomura is a madman.

Genuinely peak, Square Enix really hit their stride making this game. ALSO THE MUSIC IN THIS GAME GRAAAAAAAH!!! Everyone involved in making this game was in their element and added amazing ingredients to make a delectable dish.

Peak gameplay, actually surprised me with how much I enjoyed experimenting combining different jobs.

I have no idea where to even start. Almost everything in this game is a step up from the first one. Exploring the world of Alrest was absolutely amazing as well as all of the breathtaking areas that really showcase the Nintendo Switch's full potential. The world building with all of the Titans and the varying cultures of the different nations was really insightful. This game actively feels like a huge adventure. Next up EVERY single character of this game's cast gets a chance to shine. You'll grow to love the characters and care for them deeply. EVEN the rare summons all have their own character to them and their own stories that'll make you grow attached to them. The gameplay of this game is a huugeee step up from Xenoblade and really kicks off and becomes super fast paced once you unlock even more skills in the game. The game can be challenging at times but it's VERY rewarding and satisfying. The story will make you feel every emotion known to man and the MUSIC of this game just accentuates every single moment and takes it to an entirely new level. Nothing I can say can bring justice to just how beautiful the music of this game is. The compositions of every song just breathed life into every area that you visit and set the vibe of that location. All in all everything comes together to create a genuine wonderful video game experience. This game shouldn't just be taken at face value, it should be enjoyed as a whole on your own accord, regardless of the discourse you may or may not have heard about the game. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a remarkable masterpiece of a game and it will make you feel human again.

A great closure to Melia's arc. Felt it was a short but sweet addition to the world of Xenoblade 1. It wasn't exactly super plot heavy but it does give insight on Melia's role as the empress and the hope of the Entia. Unfortunate that you can't carry on all your gems and such from the base game though.

All the praise that you have heard about this series doesn't do it enough justice. It was amazing adventuring through the world of Bionis and Mechonis. No words can be said that can adequately describe how amazing the music of this game is. Lastly the story-telling is the magnum opus of video games truly. You're either a fan of Xenoblade or you just haven't played it yet really.

Really enjoyed the additions to the gameplay. It managed to seem fresh and new while expanding from breath of the wild completely. Though I will say I did not enjoy the same story-telling method being kept (having to collect 'memories' once again).