why did they put a side story in this fort condor and box breaking simulator

80% of my deaths were trying to get that one strawberry and my hands got so sweaty my controller slipped out of my hands. This is the cuter celeste tho (yeah that's her name)

It's pretty good but my experience got ruined because i just HAD to watch that one Screwattack "Top 10 plot twists in video games" video in 2011

If all turn based combat was like this i'd have played every single RPG by square enix by now

High highs and low lows, overall a good experience but god DAMN does it get tedious if you're going for full completion.

Truly an amazing game if it weren't for the gameplay

The Sun is a deadly laserrrrrrrr~

This review contains spoilers

a bunch of 4th graders prove gods are real and they get superpowers for 20 minutes. amazing

Good Game. Having lots of collectibles in a collect-a-thon is Good, actually

it never ends. Also some parts are RIDICULOUSLY grindy and yet i am still playing