Can only be dealt with diachronically. hahahahahahahahahahahahah

From a time when Matt and Kaz could carry just about anything....

This must have been pretty damn good. I got through the whole thing with "American Luke"...

In 2008, international audiences were first introduced to a clever Japanese game structured as murder-mystery, where players adopted the role of detective-by-proxy engaged with a far-reaching concern of Judgement and Knowledge and presented with an apparent agency dramatically interposed and unwillingly relinquished at key moments of the discourse. Its cast was, in series tradition, largely composed of lazily moulded youth-types, but surprised with genuinely deft moments of character, and its new soundtrack, puzzlingly an historical site of particular praise, a source of newfound ambivalence. It was, all in all, a triumph in its departure from what had come before in enough respects to make it a warranted fourth instalment, and a major commercial success to boot. Capcom USA foolishly retitled it "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney".

Did anybody who lauds this as a charged climax and adept dovetailing of a serial story ever read a series of books as a child?

Takumi took his tried and trusted manzai game system and.....made yet another non-manzai game.

Sally Knyvette is in this. My ambition is to ultimately assemble a full "7".

Save your breath for the Timelash, Doctor. Most people depart with a scream.

An immense piece of deflationary art. All of the "x did it better" dunks are so wrongheaded it’s insane.

I’m assuming the Zionist parable was accidental.

That bonus case is doing some heeeavy lifting.

Shares enough DNA with the other ones to give it developmental disabilities, but still...

We’re still on the Benjamin train, desperately grabbing for the emergency brake.

...and to this day, Layton remains the most celebrated Jew of video games.