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she Fire on my Emblem till I Gaiden

recently I've learned that in an old interview with Shouzou Kaga that the first Fire Emblem sold poorly originally until a Famitsu article praising the game was written by someone who goes by the name of Nakaji, so if you're wondering why there's so many people online who are down bad for characters like Camilla, Corrin, Alear, etc., you have Nakaji to thank for that. it's not all bad though, without that article we wouldn't have Fire Emblem Gaiden, which is UH UH UH....kino

(since I played an old English translation I'll list both the translation and localized names for the characters and setting, I'll probably do this for a lot of the earlier games too)

instead of Archanea from the first game, this one instead takes place in Valentia, a neighboring continent. in the past two sibling gods by the names of Mila and Doma/Duma used to rule together, however like all siblings these two kept bickering and bickering until they decided to split Valentia into two different nations: Sofia/Zofia the peaceful one down in the south, and Rigel the militaristic one up in the north. eventually Emperor Rudolf of Rigel begins an invasion which is followed by General Dozer/Desaix killing off most of the Sofian/Zofian royal family. in a village down in the very south, Lukas/Luka tries to enlist the help of a former Sofian general named Mycen, however since he believes war is....LE BAD, his grandson Alm chooses to go in his stead. over on the other side, Celica is wondering why the crops haven't been growing for the past three years, so she sets out to the Temple of Mila along with her mage buddies so they can seek help of the goddess, all while she goes up against a bunch of pirates and eventually not only crossing paths with Alm but also getting involved in the war herself. so yeah Fire Emblem 2 has two main characters that's pretty cool. "but what about the other on the right of the box art?" oh that’s just Valbo or Valbar as the cool kids call him, don't mind him bro thinks he's a main character

since there's two main characters, this means you actually get to manage two different armies! you start off controlling Alm in Chapter 1, then Celica in Chapter 2, then both of them at the same time during Chapters 3 and 4. unlike FE1 where a Chapter is a battle on a map, FE2 goes for a more traditional JRPG approach and has them take place in different sections of an overworld. the overworld isn't as in-depth as you'd expect, you kinda just keep going up during the whole thing and occasionally you go inside a village or castle, though they're usually only a single room with not much secrets to find. during your travels in the overworld, you'll run into enemies that'll send you into an "encounter", which places you in a familiar environment where all your units go up against the enemy team in a map. just like in FE1 you got your classes, your movement, your critical hits, you get the idea, though there are some changes this time around. weapon durability is GONE, though from what I know it doesn't last after this game so, rip. for now though each character comes with their own default weapon whether it'd be swords, spears, or tomes, and they will never break and fall apart so attack to your heart's content. an interesting thing about magic users however is that all their spells cost them HP to use (Fire uses up 1, Lightning uses 2, yadda yadda) so you'll have to be wary about where you place your magic users later on in the game when they start getting more HP draining spells, speaking of HP draining, Nosferatu AKA Robin Down B is introduced here, it's the only spell that cost no HP as it instead absorbs enemy HP, it also gives Clerics a way to fight back so they're not completely useless in combat anymore, I better see this spell in the next game. the item system has also been redone and it’s much better than it was in FE1. although your units can only carry one item at a time rather than the four they could hold previously, you can now freely swap items with each character anytime in the overworld, no more constantly managing items after clearing all the enemies, though swapping items during battle still takes your unit’s turn so we can’t have everything. you can also transfer items between Alm and Celica’s armies though only through an NPC in villages that delivers them to the other army, how this NPC is able to cross a landslide presumably on foot with no combat experience I will never know.

promoting units got changed a bit too. instead of having a promotion item and using it on a unit once they’re Level 10, you’ll now have to visit Mila Shrines throughout the overworld which are pretty much mini dungeons, then at the end you go up to a statue that lets you promote your unit if they’re a high enough level. Mercenaries, Cavaliers, Soldiers, and Archers promote at Level 7, Mages, Clerics, and Pegasus Knights at Level 12, and Female Mages at Level 20 (WHY). a few promoted classes can even get upgraded to a third tier class, wow Pokémon really did rip off Fire Emblem. Myrmidon (Mercenary) promotes to Dread Fighter, Paladin (Cavalier) to Gold Knight, Knight (Soldier) to Baron, Sniper (Archer) to Bow Knight, all at Level 10. while Gold Knights and Barons seemed like straight forward upgrades, Dread Fighter get a huge buff in magic defense and Bow Knights get their movement speed increased dramatically, you’ll probably won’t reach these third their classes normally but if you have the time and patience to grind some levels in the dungeons then they will be a big help. Speaking of grinding, did you know there’s a secret option before you select your file that lets you access an easy mode that does nothing but double all the EXP you get in the game? all you have to do is press A while holding Start and Select when selecting a file and get the option to do so! I did not find out about this until Chapter 4 so I had to grind out Alm’s army with very little EXP gains! unironically play Easy Mode, it’s not even easier it’s just more convenient. back to the units, there’s also a special Villager class that can choose between becoming a Mercenary, Cavalier, Soldier, Archer, or Mage after only reaching Level 3, Alm gets a couple of them in his journey while Celica only gets one. for some reason Dread Fighters can promote to a Villager when you get them to Level 10 so in theory you can do an endless loop of Villager —> Mercenary line —> Villager and potentially create a god unit with insane stats, though I didn’t do it myself since that’s a lot of patience. another thing about the Villagers is that if the statue asks if you want to promote them and it’s a class you don’t want them to have, just choose “no” and talk to it again to cycle for a different class change. I assumed it was like Final Fantasy III where different shrines offered different classes but no it doesn’t work like that so I accidentally ended up promoting most of Alm’s Villagers into Mages which sort of handicapped his army until they got promoted to Sages and better units arrived. another thing about shrines and a few other areas is there’s these lion heads that offer a limited amount of stat boosts to any unit you choose. what’s interesting however is that at least one shrine in Alm and Celica’s path offers the ability to revive a fallen unit, which I’m assuming is only possible in this game and the remake. But get this, not only do you get to cheat death a few times in Fire Emblem, but if a unit dies in one army and you go to revive them with the other army, then they will join the army that revived them instead, which means you can transfer some units over with this method. I actually did this myself by intentionally killing Jesse in Celica’s army so I can bring him over to Alm’s army because he was severely lacking in Mercenaries due to my earlier mishap with the Mage promotions (Celica has three Mercenaries on her route SHE DOES NOT NEED THAT MANY), I have no idea if this unit transfer thing is an intentional feature or not, but either way that’s pretty cool.

like in FE1 the characters you recruit in this game are pretty simple in that they become silent protagonists once they join your team so you’re left to fill in the blanks and flesh them out yourselves. this is more of a me problem rather than the game itself, but I didn’t get as much cool or funny moments with the characters this time then I did with FE1, which is odd since each army only gets about 15 or 16 characters (the smallest FE cast afaik) so you’d think they’d be more moments for them to shine and do crazy stuff. well I’ll give the game this in that I can actually use all three Pegasus Sisters (three out of the four characters who return from FE1) at the same time since unit management for the maps isn’t as prevalent here, they were basically the monster cleanup crew since the Falcon Knight promotion lets them deal great damage to monsters often one-shotting them, yeah monsters are in this game couldn’t think of an opportunity to bring them up until now. while the Pegasus Sisters in Celica’s army were being janitors, the Mage Brothers (Robin/Tobin, Cliff/Kliff, and Ryuto/Luthier) over at Alm’s were hurling their magic at Knights and Barons as well as getting some last minute chip damage. Teeta/Tatiana mostly chilled out in the sidelines while she provided Physic and Fortify healing to the Alm gang while Silk/Silque healed her up as the magic spells drained Teeta’s HP, they probably brought some popcorn during the battles as well. Celica and Jenny/Genny had a similar thing going on since Jenny often had to use the Dear/Expel spell whenever there were too many monsters on the map and that costs a hefty HP so Celica had to stick around to heal her sometimes since as we all know in RPGs….mages have bad defense. then you have Dyute/Delthea who kinda started off as a liability early on but then when I took the time to raise her levels (all 20 of them) then promoted her into a Priestess, all of a sudden she was one of the best members in Alm’s army, maybe the best idk but she definitely starting carrying a bit. powerful Black magic, some White magic to heal up, a physical sword attack to not use up HP, okay I’m starting to understand why this class isn’t accessible until Level 20.

I find myself liking a lot more of the tracks here than in the previous game, there’s still a couple NES soundtracks that I prefer more, but I’ll say everything here is better than hearing FE1’s map theme on 4x speed during item management. Opening sounds like your typical Fire Emblem marching theme, at least I think it sounds typical I’m really only two games in. now this is Where the Wind Rustles which is the Chapter 1 overworld theme and this is fine, nothing too amazing it’s a catchy and upbeat track nothing wrong with that. but then you get to Chapter 2 and hear The Ark of Dawn for five seconds and go “damn….this is pretty good” like this track is 👌, it sounds like an NES Final Fantasy track and that is a compliment, very nice and tranquil. March to Deliverance is Alm’s battle theme and this is neat I like it a lot more than the FE1 map theme, it has that good old JRPG battle theme vibes. then With Mila’s Divine Protection comes on and all of a sudden you get so pumped up and want to kick the opponent’s ass, looks like Celica gets her second point and Alm remains at zero. also hey this is another Smash track, I didn’t even recognize it at first because of the 8-bit composition. bro that part at 0:48 is so good it made me go “OH I RECOGNIZE THAT”, I want more moments like these the further I get into these games. back to Gaiden, What Lies at the End is Alm’s near victory theme and this is alright, the beginning’s slightly rough but the latter half picks up the slack. then Celica has The Sacrifice and the Saint and damn, Celica’s got Alm beat again with the music, don’t worry though Alm’s way cooler than Celica at the end of the day. I think this guy here can describe this track better than I can: “This is the best near-victory theme in the series, because it actually makes you want to keep pushing towards the finish line, while most of them just kind of sound out of place when there's still some fighting left. Like, this is a theme that sounds like you're routing the enemy.” ~ @givecamichips, YouTube comment section. some of the non battle stuff like Melody of Water is nice too, this one sounds like yet another old FF track and it’s a pretty chill tune, not to mention this plays whenever when you get to a statue and that’s always a good thing. I don’t remember where Song of Peace plays (yes I know I just played the game, it happens) but this is another chill and relaxing track and acts as a serviceable break to all the action. the music is good.

the graphics also got a bit of a glow up this time, this is another good thing. there isn’t just one type of tileset anymore so the game can have more variety of locations then just castles and….outside. you got grassy plains, underground shrines, pirate ships, red mountainous areas, graveyards, sloppy swamps, giant towers, it’s really a sight to behold after being used to FE1’s samey looking areas. the map design on the other hand….leaves a bit to be desired. what. is. going. on. here. seriously. these look like something I’d see if I sorted by “Recent” in a Fire Emblem Maker game. Alm actually gets a lot of these boring grassy maps compared to Celica who gets the visually distinct ones, though this one near the end of Chapter 4 looks neat and is more in line with FE1’s maps. at the same time though, Celica gets a fair amount of wonderful maps such as Sloppa and Sloppa 2: Electric Boogaloo. you see all that goop in the map? that goop not only uses up your movement spaces but it all slowly chips away at your HP. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also these enemy exclusive Shaman classes that randomly summon a bunch of monsters and if you don’t have the Dear spell (which you likely won’t when you first get here) then you have to deal with all that as well. here I was thinking it’d be a walk in the park with forts losing their enemy reinforcements, but here comes Gaiden with its own reinforcement alternative. you better hope no Zombie Dragons show up on the Sloppa 2 map because there’s a good chance they’ll quickly fly over to one of your frail units and kill them before you’re able to send backup to assist them, definitely didn’t happen to me haha…. Alm isn’t getting out of this scot-free though because he gets to experience Sloppa 3 & Knuckles. now this map actually looks pretty cool, but the main problem is the Zombie Dragons. the first time there’s only a few of them and at that point of the game when you get to this map Zombie Dragons aren’t too much of an issue, but yes you heard me, first time because you need to go through this map another few times before you can more on and each time more Zombie Dragons are added to the picture and at that point they become a problem again. if you still don’t have that Dear spell, be very wary. on to something more positive, the battle animations are still top notch and a bit cleaner this time. a lot of them are reused from FE1 which is acceptable because those animations were nice but the newly introduced classes have some new animations they are pretty clean. the Dread Fighters in particular do this Dragon Ball teleportation technique when they try to attack you and that transition is….everything!!!1!!!11!! shoutouts to the final boss this time around which somehow manages to make Medeus look like a baby lizard in comparison, I’m not going to spoil too much about that dude’s deal, but he’s basically an eldritch abomination and I’m all for it. now that’s the final boss I was expecting, kino ending cutscene as well.

so yes, FIREEMBLEM 外伝 is good game. very flawed of course like damn what are some of these maps, but I still like it and there’s enough gameplay improvements to where it’s technically better than FE1, but idk I think I prefer that game slightly more despite the jank. honestly FE2 feels like a companion piece to FE1 rather than a full sequel to me, I mean Gaiden does stand for “side story”. I kinda also see it as a different take on what Fire Emblem should be, kinda like Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II. if you wondering what’s with all the Final Fantasy comparisons in this review, it’s because Shouzou Kaga is actually a huge Final Fantasy fan. remember that interview I mentioned back at the beginning? in that interview another guy in that room was none other than Hironobu Sakuguchi, the original creator of Final Fantasy, and the two spent their time praising each other’s work. I’d like to assume Kaga took inspiration from the Final Fantasy games that were out at that time and used them to help create Fire Emblem Gaiden, that or he just felt like adding some more traditional JRPG elements and this whole section is made pointless. back to what I’m saying, Gaiden is a neat and unique experience, though unless you really want to experience the original intention and/or experience everything in release order like what I’m doing, I’d probably recommend to play the remake on the 3DS instead, I mean have you seen some of those character redesigns? woooo, but it also seems to be a more refined experience and there’s also some new classes than characters can promote to so there’s some more gameplay freedom, also voice acting if you don’t feel like imagining the characters’ voices yourself. anyway that’s it for me, took me less time to complete this one than FE1 did, I hope the later games become faster paced as well because there’s still a lot more I need to go through. expect FE3 in the future which is apparently the FFIII of Fire Emblem from what I know, the Final Fantasy comparisons will never end.

of all the NES “2” games, this one gets an easy S tier

I don't have the time to write a full review right now but I've had a change of heart, this game's actually based

Huge Fire Emblem Hater Excited to Play It for First Time

well I don’t hate Fire Emblem, more so the fanbase that’s associated with it, said fanbase in particular turned me off from the franchise for nearly a decade, whoops! however there’s a time where you need to put your pettiness aside and not judge a book from its cover, so I decided enough was enough and chose to play my first game of the franchise: Fire Emblem……….

Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

alright so there’s this dude named Marth, he’s the prince of Altea but he’s not really there since his kingdom got taken over a few years ago so he’s moping about in a smaller nation named Talys. one day though some pirates from another place named Galdar attempt an invasion, but since they’re pirates Marth and his small gang of allies have no issue defeating them and saving Talys. meeting up with the king right after, he gives Marth the A-OK to venture beyond Talys so he can gather up an army that’ll stand up to the Dolhr Empire, a powerful nation that has a stronghold on the majority of Archanea, the setting of the game. as the game goes on Marth takes on more enemies as he gathers more allies whether they be from villages or held prisoner or even wanting to switch sides. Marth’s ultimate goal is to stop Medeus the Shadow Dragon, the main guy in control of Dolhr, as well as obtain the Falchion, the only weapon capable of defeating Medeus. that’s just the main summary but the game has a fair amount of cutscenes at the beginning and end of each Chapter as well as in-between with character recruitments, though not as much as the later games from what I’ve seen.

since this is my first Fire Emblem the comparisons to the later games will be kept to a minimum since my knowledge of them is pretty minimal, though I’ll still bring them up whenever I feel like it. so this is a SRPG, here all your characters or units are placed in an overworld map per Chapter and you control each unit one-by-one. your characters all have different classes that determine their stats, movement, weaponry, etc. for example Marth is a Lord who’s somewhat of an all rounder and the only one who can use Rapiers, then you have Caeda who’s a Pegasus Knight and she has a fair amount of movement in the map and can go over water and mountain tiles with ease as well as being able to use swords and lances, however Pegasus Knights have a great weakness to Archers who are able to take them down in only about a hit or two. as for the Archers like Gordin, not only are they good against Pegasus Knights but they’re also able to hit foes from a distance, the downside being that their movement isn’t the greatest and they can’t attack up close. then there’s Cain and Abel who are Cavaliers AKA horsemen and these guys are really good, their movement is great, they can equip swords lances and javelins to hit from a distance, and have really good stats, I think their only real problem is that they can’t really do much against Knights. Knights like Draug have really good defense meaning they can take on a fair amount of enemies types as well as being able to hit back decently hard, however not only is their movement bad but they have a big weakness if either the enemy uses Armorslayers or Hammers on them or is a magic based class like the Mages. Mages like Merric have fast speed which means they’re able to make follow up attacks in battle, tomes are also their main weaponry and tomes have a fixed set of damage which is helpful for taking down bulkier classes, but like every other mage in every other RPG they’re really frail so they can go down pretty easily if they’re a lot of enemies to fight against. so you kinda get the idea it’s like Pokémon’s Type system, however there’s also a promotion system where some classes can upgrade if they use a promotion item if they’re at least Level 10 or higher. Cavaliers become Paladins which are an upgrade in every way, Pegasus Knights become Wyvern Riders which while they gain a weakness against Wyrmslayers they otherwise become more bulkier and powerful. Archers become Snipers which have greater attack and speed as well as more movement on the map, and both Mages and Clerics can promote to the Bishop which can use both healing magic as well as offensive magic so they’re pretty much the DQ Sages of Fire Emblem. oddly for some reason there’s a few classes that can’t promote at all. something like the Lord makes sense but then you have Knights which are unable to promote even though there’s another class in the game called Generals that are a complete upgrade yet the two are entirely separate classes here, looking at the Wiki page it seems they change that as soon as the third game so they probably knew they screwed up. now there’s one last class I want to bring up real quick because I think it’s really fascinating. very late into the game, you’ll be able to have Marth recruit a character named Xane. Xane is the sole character of the franchise that’s apart of the Freelancer class. Xane is able to transform into any unit on your team that’s next to him, even copying their level and stats so you don’t even need to level up the guy, all you need to do is provide him with the weapons of the class you want him to be and you’re all set. there’s no other character like this dude and Fire Emblem Heroes doesn’t even his default self in that game because of his unique ability, the game that has every other playable character in the franchise from what I’ve heard, that’s pretty crazy.

now onto the other stuff, the weapons in Fire Emblem have a durability system in which there’s a limited amount of time you can use them before they break and you’ll have to use a new one, so basically Breath of the Wild. the weaker weapons like the Iron weapons tend to have more durability but the stronger ones like the Steel weapons have less of that and will break apart sooner if you aren’t good at conserving them. of course you can always buy new weapons at an armory on the map but sometimes they won’t have the weapon you’re looking for. for example there’s a good portion during the middle of the game where you’re unable to find armories selling axe weapons so your Fighters which exclusively uses axes (they don’t attack with their fists surprisingly) will be at a disadvantage if you’re using up their weapons a lot. Javelins are a strange case as they’re a common item in armories during the early game, however after Chapter 9 they never appear in armories again, 9/25 btw so Javelins are pretty much gone after the first third of the game so make sure you stock up on them, don’t stock on them too much though because you have a limited inventory. a character can only hold up to four items at a time so you’ll have to use the storage often which also has a limit of 40 items that can be held. on top of that you can’t send items to storage when you’re visiting shops, once you buy your 4th item your character’s turn is used up. if that wasn’t enough, throwing away items or even giving an item to another character takes up a turn as well, inventory management in this game is a slow hassle.

Fire Emblem also has a terrain system that plays a part in both the overworld and in battles. plain tiles don’t do anything but give you a 5% evasion during battles, forest tiles take up an extra turn of movement but provide you with an 15% evasion bonus, indoors pillar tiles function the same way as forest tiles, mountain tiles take up a lot of movement unless you’re a flying unit but in turn they also give you a small defense boost, sea tiles are only crossable by a few units and take up lots of movements but Pirates and flying units have no issue going through them, desert tiles are similar though Mages and Clerics can traverse them easily instead of Pirate, and lastly fort tiles not only boost defense but also heal a little bit of HP at the beginning of your turn. fort tiles also have a secondary effect in that sometimes after enough turns, some fort tiles on the map will begin spawning enemy reinforcements for a set amount of turns, thankfully you can minimize the damage by having your units place themselves on one of these tiles which prevents the enemies from spawning until you remove your unit or wait until the later turns where they’ll cease to spawn. if you don’t pay attention of the forts though, these reinforcements will quickly take over the map and kill your team members which leads me to my next point.

if all your unit’s HP is depleted, they’re gone. dead. terminated. there’s no way to revive them or have them come back the next Chapter, if their HP goes to 0 then they’re out for the rest of the game. Pokémon fans may refer to this as Nuzlocke rules, but Fire Emblem has been doing this while they were still Capsule Monsters. I think FE12 was when they introduced Casual Mode where units simply retreat when they lose all their HP and apparently in those later ones some plot important characters aren’t able to be killed off, however this is the first game so anyone is fair game. Caeda in particular can get you the bad ending if she ends up dying at any part of the game, leaving Marth maidenless and unable to score. permanent death was added because Kaga (the FE guy who I will probably learn more about in the future) wanted people to feel attached and care about the characters you use, incentivizing you to keep them alive, but for me the reason I want to keep them alive is because then I’d have to replace them with a low level unit who will probably die even quicker. on top of that if you lose a unit that’s in a certain class then there’s a good chance you’ll be waiting a while before you can recruit another unit of the same class. for example if you let Caeda die to something like an Archer in Chapter 1 well bad luck for you because you won’t get the chance to use another flying unit until Chapter 10. so yeah keeps your units alive.

a thing I find fascinating about FE1 is how they handle the characters. from what I know in some modern Fire Emblem games like let’s say Fates, a lot of the characters are simple in that have a singular trait that’s exaggerated to the point where it can be hard to take them seriously (feel free to prove me wrong my Fates knowledge comes from the internet though I’m not interest in starting a FE war in the comments). FE1’s characters are simple in a different way in that you know almost nothing about them since they’ll most likely only get a chance to speak when you recruit them, some of the beginning characters like Cain and Abel don’t even get dialogue at all. I guess in a way this isn’t too much different from the modern games but what makes me appreciate the simplicity here is you’re the one that’s supposed to fill in the blanks. the game doesn’t tell you how these characters are supposed to act, that’s up to you, the player. maybe Draug is the quiet type who only speaks during unexpected or important events, or perhaps Cain and Abel have a rivalry and are constantly typing to one-up another, or maybe Gordin is the guy who comes into clutch when the team needs him most, that’s how he felt to me. a personal favorite of mine is Beck the Ballistician who in the Chapter you recruit him in he’s unable to go down the mountains of the village he’s hiding at, yet he’s able to destroy the enemy Ballisticians nearby him in one hit, so I imagined him as the one dude who always go “DON’T WORRY GUYS I GOT THIS” but due to his abyssmal movement it often takes him too long to get into the actual battle, but when he actually gets to land his attacks he absolutely destroys everything in his path and is able to turn the tide into our favor, okay maybe I do care about the characters. in this game you have to use your imagination and I think that’s cool, you don’t really get the opportunity to do that in a lot of video games in our current day.

something I also appreciate about this game is the ascending enemy progression throughout. you start off having to face against Pirates at the beginning, but then you’ll move up to facing against Archers and Cavaliers, then Knights are added to the picture as well as Generals as bosses, then Mages are added as well as Wyvern Riders, it then tops off with Manaketes as bosses which are basically people that can transform into dragons, then after that eventually you get to the point where Manaketes become regular enemies and by then you’ll probably be shaking in your boots. there’s something so satisfying about heading deeper into the depths of the Dolhr stronghold while at the same time Marth’s army’s grows more powerful as well. all that accumulates to Medeus the Shadow Dragon himself, though that’s actually false advertising since he’s actually an earth dragon but I don’t care because the earth dragon design is dope he looks like a giant komodo dragon and I think those guys are awesome. I also think it’s cool that the “Shadow Dragon” is really just a title it’s a pretty neat subversion of your expectations, if only the actual fight was challenging since he goes down in three turns with the Falchion and he can’t be damaged any other way.

this is the part where I talk about the music but not really since the music’s one of the weakest aspects about the game IMO. there’s about twenty or so tracks in the game which is respectable but most of the time you’ll hear a few of them for most of the gameplay: the one during the map, one when your unit attacks an enemy, one during your enemy’s turn, one when they attack your units, one when most of the enemies are defeated, and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll sometimes hear that one theme from Smash that might be the best track in the game. otherwise most of the soundtrack is serviceable but hearing the same music over and over throughout 24 Chapters gets pretty old, to the point where I was shocked when I suddenly heard a new track after finishing a late-game chapter, great track too. there was a point when I discovered you could disable the music in the menu options and I just ended up playing Arcana and Alcahest music in the background during the last couple of Chapters. thankfully the final Chapter actually plays different music both for the map and when the enemy attacks as well as when fighting Medeus himself, I almost thought they wouldn’t do so.

if you thought hearing the same five or so tracks were repetitive, get ready to see the same set of tiles for the entire game! visually the game’s pretty samey, however the map layouts help make each Chapter stand out sometimes. Chapter 1 is just a really small island which is what Talys pretty much is, very good first map. Chapter 3 has a bunch of tall mountains everything so it gives off the look of a mountainous range, I also appreciate the detail of the two new recruits being nearby an enemy fortress to make it look like they’re running away from it, which they are. Chapter 6 is the first of many chapters to use brick and pillar tiles to simulate the look of an indoor castle. Chapter 13 uses a lot of forest tiles which makes it look like those hedge mazes and Chapter 15 in a similar manner does the same with sand tiles to make it look like a sand oasis. then you have Chapter 23 my favorite map layout. there’s that makeshift courtyard you start off at in the beginning, then you move up those big stairs, and then after that you slowly move your units up an ascending steep pathway to reach another set of stairs that takes you up to the roof of the castle, now that’s how you use your limitations. according to Kaga, FE1 was meant to be a fun passion project which is why the graphics are the way they are, so that’s all the more impressive how the team was able to create some cool looking maps with what little they had. oh yeah the battle animations are really great too. I’ve seen a lot of praise over the GBA battle animations and while the ones in this game aren’t as amazing as those they’re still neat regardless. I like how Marth has a unique animation for when he’s about to land a critical hit so you can go “OH THERE HE GOES” whenever he starts dashing over there. then when you give Marth the Falchion, stars get absorbed into the blade before he rushes over to land a hit then he proceeds to do a Richter Belmont backflip right after, kino. also shout out to Medeus’s transformation into an earth dragon as it starts off with a bunch of rubble followed up by a dragon claw popping out before his whole big ass sprite appears, the sprite is badass to which only makes me more mad that he dies in only FOUR HITS.

somehow this janky 30+ year old game made me interested in Fire Emblem and not the 30+ million people shilling the franchise, sometimes you got to do things yourself. I don't know bros I was planning to give this game a 5/10 but it started growing on me during the halfway point and then right now I decided to skip the 6/10 together and instead go for a 7/10, is this what they call the Fire Emblem brainrot? nevertheless if you don’t mind old NES games then give this one a try, though you’ll probably have to find an English translation since Nintendo took down the official translation from the eShop a few years ago, but hey if Nintendo doesn’t want you to play the game legitimately then maybe you shouldn’t wink wink. I guess if you’re still getting filtered then there’s also a SNES and DS remake that’s probably better even though I’ve never played them, though there’s also a GBA hack that I played for about twenty minutes so I can recommend you that if you know where to find it, it also uses the official translation so get BTFO’d Nintendo. so yeah my worst fears have been realized: I’m now a Fire Emblem fan, though I don’t care because it actually seems kind of cool and I am now very upset that those kinds of Fire Emblem fans made me avoid this franchise like the plague. anyway I have another 16 Fire Emblem games to play through, I wish all Fire Emblem Heroes fans a very “my favorite character did not win Choose Your Legends”

I kinda wish my first SRPG was Super Robot Wars though, it has Getter Robo