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holy fuck, video games.

a wonderful collection of two incredibly good platformers, way worth the price of entry.

klonoa 1 is a genuine masterpiece, and i can't overstate that enough. of course after playing the psx version, i prefer that more but this is still great. the difficulty is fine-tuned, the score is great, the physics feel just right. i fell in love with that game, one of the best platformers of all time for sure

klonoa 2 is a bit of a mixed bag but still incredibly strong. the level design ranges from a bit bland to INCREDIBLY COOL, it fluctuates but the highs are pretty high. the story is deeper this time, but honestly i think i prefer the more subdued narrative 1 had. 2's story doesn't have as impactful conclusion. especially not when it comes to boss fights. 2's boss fights are a huge step back, but mainly the final boss. i think including the new hoverboard mechanic was cool, but the phase afterwards is uhhhh terrible.

either way, go buy this and maybe we'll get another one of these in 20 years. maybe.

"wahoo! dupurudu!"

i believe this is the truest a 5/5 can get. this is one of the best platforming experiences i've ever had. it oozes soul, it plays perfect, the ost is great, the difficulty feels perfectly finetuned. i am in love.

decided to buy the remake duology on a whim, played halfway through 1, loved it so much that i downloaded this and decided to play through twice. it is that good.

this version is the better version too, barring the slight slipperyness on platforms, the visual flair just goes so far. i just can't get over how perfect this is. oh my god. i believe in klonoa supremacy.

This review contains spoilers

"the revolution in your heart will guide your way."

it's..... okay! i had higher expectations for this one considering the build-up to release was hype. the gameplay looked really fun, and i fell in love with the artstyle.

the artstyle remained consistent at least, the game has some really cool boss designs. the Shadow Toshiro fight with the giant corrupted Eri was great, and i'd love to see it in a non-chibi style. the PT all looked super cute which was also great.

the gameplay threw me for a loop, it started off barebones which upset me. then it seemed like it was going to open up and get complex with stuff like the One More turns, follow-ups and some level gimmicks but it never did. most of the difficulty comes from enemies hitting for like 100+ towards the end of the game, and each map tossing out dozens of new enemies as opposed to any real creativity. it's a shame because there's a glimmer of a true 10/10 within. there's a level in the second kingdom where you manuever doors to get to the enemies while ninja enemies teleport you when attacked. if only it kept that momentum....

the final kingdom was also just absolute dogshit. nothing but grey muddy locations and a limpdick boss rush where the dialogue can be summed up as "Hey it's me the boss from before! Rah!" and Toshiro goes "now i am confident! this doesn't bother me!" same goes for Salmael who really felt like an afterthought. people often go after Yaldy in P5 but he had some build-up at least. he fell in line thematically and could be seen through stuff like Mementos. this guy turns up, says some stuff, you fight him, games done.

i can say it's not all bad though, the new characters really shine bright. Toshiro especially was a great character, who brought out the best in the PT. each aspect of his struggles paired up with trauma they had, and it gave way for some poignant scenes.

overall, it's... just fine. more P5 gang which i'm here for, but at the end of the day, it's nothing special or new. a basic srpg with a Persona 5 coating. (at least it was more enjoyable than fucking Strikers)