Really fucking excellent story with mid as hell gameplay. So to start off, Off is an excellent commentary on player choice, chosen one archetypes, NPCs in video games, as well as just what it means to beat a game. Though on the same time the game itself is... iffey with how it's designed. Like, the combat is kinda sluggish, the puzzles can be a bit of a chore, but despite all that though i can't reccommend the game enough because of just how amazing it's story is. It even influenced Undertale if that helps you consider your decision.

Reminds me of Off with how it's actual gameplay is eh while the story is excellent. And if I'm comparing a stupid shitpost mod to Off that's gotta mean something

Nagito is one of the most interesting concepts in this entire franchise and I will never forgive them for wasting him

Honestly I actually enjoy playing the first Daganronpa

But that doesn't stop me from thinking that it sucks lol

The more time that passes the more I think I dislike this game.
Boring gameplay
Bizarre story
Annoying characters
Genuinely gross fan service
The best thing about this game is the evil bastard villain ironically enough and maybe the MC

The prequel anime keeps it from being the worst thing in the franchise

What kind of dick eats their pet shrimp on the day that they are gonna kill themselves?

Idk it's fine. I gave it a positive review on Steam initially but I just wish it either gave us more people's lives to look at, gave us more of the character that we are playing as, or made it less depressing by at least letting us choose to better our lives instead of just ending it.
After all it's a god damn video game, and if it's not fun then it should at the very least give us a narrative that's able to be interacted with

Waste of time

Got addicted and one hundred percented it anyway

I just got into in on Sunday and I'm already 31 hours deep

May god have mercy on my soul

A 15-20 minute game about shooting yourself with a shotgun and getting a shit load of cash. Obviously people can say that it's a commentary on addiction and gambling, which like, of course it is, but HOLY SHIT THIS GAME IS SO FUN! The fact it's so luck based yet the odds feel genuinely fair and strategic is such a fucking cool aspect of it and my only two complaints are that I wish the dealer got the upper hand at points and that it was longer. It only costs a dollar but if you don't wanna pay it then at the very least watch Markiplier play it. I would pay so much for an extended version

Night 5 makes me wanna kill myself but otherwise it's still a great game for what it is

I have incredibly mixed feelings about this game's existence but god damn it part of me still wants to beat it

There are alot of things I like about Genshin and I plan on getting more and more into it but also there are decisions that are so astonishingly bizarre that they are flabbergasting to me.

Janky af but idk I just like it conceptually and + I think its fun lol

Playing this to get the second ending after watching Markiplier's video might have genuinely been one of the most painful and depressing experiences I've gotten out of any game

I don't know you can take that as either a good or bad thing

Is one of my favorite games of all time
Only gives it 4 stars