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Unironically one of the greatest Final Fantasy games.

Demanding, brutal combat against classic bosses and enemies from all of FF, a satisfying take on the job system, and a protagonist who starts off as a grump with no time for "Final Fantasy bullshit" before becoming possibly the most based character in the franchise. A must-play.

Wanted: Dead is as befuddling as it is bloody. Players will find the plot of Soliel's slasher/shooter hybrid varying levels of coherent depending on their interpretation. What's undeniable is the fun to be had in its streamlined slaughter. Come for the demanding and gory action gameplay, and stay for the odd voice performances, anime flashbacks, and karaoke with Stefanie Joosten. It's sometimes frustrating, often satisfying, and almost always janky and weird; I can't stop thinking about it.

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Dead Space rigorously reanimates gaming's best sci-fi horror game. It's clear EA Motive looked at the original title both through the lens of adoring fans as well as talented developers. They keep what worked, morph what didn't, and unlike the game's protagonist, cut off almost nothing. The USG Ishimura has never been more immersive. Only minor missteps keep it from perfection, but not from being an absolutely stunning makeover, and a must-play experience.

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