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Poppy Playtime

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Some of the most under-the-radar egregious microtransaction bullshit sours what otherwise is an excellent portable Katamari experience. All the expected compromises are here: noticeably less populated levels (which sometimes feel a bit barren), pop-in, collection requirements feeling padded out, runs more slowly than the others - but none of them are enough to ever once take away from the core experience. Stealthily might be the weirdest one? 3D low-res King is nightmare fuel, but also feels oddly fitting here - his horrifying Play-Doh visage, bug eyes, and celebrity veneers fitting this series' particular brand of strangeness like a glove. And it's a nice change of pace to see him being shit-talked by the quest-givers for a change, rather than the other way around. Its stretch gimmick is yet another nice new addition to add to these games' docket of quirky mechanics that feel insanely satisfying and responsive to pull off. Great OST, terrific graphics for the system, and maintains not only the nihilistic sense of humor about the human condition we've come to love from the franchise, but also its fun factor. For a lot of this I was honestly enjoying it more than Katamari Forever - but then it gets upended by the fucking Fan Damacys which are the worst addition ever to be put in one of these, and ONLY exist to steal your money. Still essential for Vita owners imo, in awe that this even exists.

Damn fine game that checks off nearly every qualification a great PS1/PS2 era puzzleball outing should have: funky music, colorful splashpad visuals, eclectic laundry list of tactical hazards, fun unlockable minigames, brain-melting puzzles, vast variety of clever levels, good graphics, control that is neither too tight nor too loose, and an interesting set of gimmicks with the main ball(s) that sets it apart from the others. Vastly superior to the PSP original, wish there was a permanent loop of the ball dancing when you get a good score running somewhere so I could go there if I'm ever feeling down.

Outright Games are guilty of many-a-sin in the gaming industry - chiefly, spatting out annoying, bottom-of-the-barrel, barely functioning iPod touch apps at unprecedented pace and calling them current-gen videos games at FULL PRICE (for way longer than they have any right to be, no less). Charging anything over $1.99 for this should be a punishable offense, let alone 40-50 fucking dollars. If you thought the chintzy licensed game craze of the 2000s was dead then it's not, it's right here and it's so much worse. I'm not one of those grown adults who love to shit on every popular kid's IP because it was funny to do on YouTube back in 2013 or some shit, but this company's games are actually some of the most abominable things I've ever played. That being said, this is easily among their 'better' outings - it's sometimes cute, sometimes funny, and sometimes a little creepy. The crayon-drawn aesthetic of the show makes for a sufficient mask to OG's overt cheapness here, so this actually ends up looking really nice and vibrant. But again... this wouldn't even cut it in 2011 on the App Store - even if all these voices weren't blatantly out-of-sync it still wouldn't have enough polish. Kids deserve to play good games, too.