At this point in my life my time is too valuable to waste it playing games that I'm not having fun with. Gaming shouldn't be a chore, gaming shouldn't feel like a 2nd job. I should want to play your game because I actually enjoy it and have fun playing it. If I have to convince myself to even feel like playing your game, I'm just going to drop it all together.

However, I'm not a super picky person and do not consider myself a critic, I try to look for the best in everything so my ratings will still probably be higher than most people you'll see.

Been playing games since I was around 4 or 5. Fave game genres are RPGs of all kinds, but especially J-RPGs and Action RPGs, alongside metroidvanias, Hack and Slash/character action, horror and visual novels.

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Monster Hunter with a Fortnite style building gimmick, a fraction of the depth of a real MonHun game, far less monsters with much less interesting designs as well, too much emphasis on the gimmick and nowhere near enough polish on the combat and animations. However even with all that said I'd argue Wild Hearts is still the best Monster Hunter style game that wasn't developed by Capcom and had some serious potential and cool ideas, but the execution left a lot to be desired and I just lost interest after about 20 hours into the game after finishing chapter 2. Apparently EA completely abandoned the game too so all the technical issues are never getting fixed and there's never going to be any more content added or expanded upon so honestly it's hard to even care at that point.

Helldivers 2 is basically Starship Troopers meets Earth Defense Force and the most fun I've had with a co-op shooter in ages. The gameplay loop and progression is great and constantly rewarding and while I hate the concept of live service models in games in general, Helldivers 2 is easily one of the best and most fairly executed live service model systems I've ever experienced thanks to the devs giving the player the opportunity to earn the premium rewards without actually spending a single dime on micro-transactions just by finding bonuses in the missions themselves and gives you extra incentive to go off the beaten path in missions and explore every planet to its fullest.

Helldivers 2 is far from perfect, it's a very buggy game (Both literally and metaphorically), it has major server issues and half the time you won't even be able to log on and it could use much more variety in the mission objectives, enemies, weapons and locations, but it will still provide you with hours upon hours of mindless chaotic fun liberating planets from waves of bugs and bots and spreading managed democracy far and wide with your boys.

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Essentially Battlefield mixed with Apex. Refreshing to see a shooter that isn't just another battle royale and I enjoy the 3v3v3 objective game type. The movement feels great especially playing as a light build and using the grappling hook, the destructible environments are very fun and interactive, toppling an entire building so the cashout falls away from the enemy team is a very satisfying feeling. However the lack of content like more maps and game modes makes the game get very boring, very fast and there's so many balancing issues as well which means that how enjoyable the game is is entirely dependent on if you're playing with a well coordinated squad of people and that's not even mentioning the horrible AI voice work, overly-grindy monetization and mediocre gunplay mechanics as well. I think The Finals has potential and good ideas, but overall the execution leaves a lot to be desired.