Male. 31 years of age 👴 Recently rediscovered my love for handheld gaming thanks to the Switch. Been gaming since my mother bought me a ps1 when I was 6. I give most genres a go. I struggle with JRPGs despite wanting to like them. It doesn’t stop me from trying one now and again. I suck at turn based games outside of the Pokémon franchise.
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- 27 hours played

Ahh modern game design, you strike yet again. Like Diablo 4 I don’t feel this game rewards or respects my time enough for me to sit there and give it any more attention. It’s a shame because I truly love parts of this game but it’s hidden under a mountain of just needless crap and busy work. Here we go.

It’s reminds me of Alan Wake 2. I really had to drag myself through that game. There were some amazing highs but man the lows and the downtime, just dragged the pacing into the dirt and turned a fun hobby into what felt like a chore. I got through Alan Wake 2 because at 16 hours, the game was complete. But in this game, I’m 27 hours in and I’m exhausted and from what I can see I’m only halfway through.

So let’s get into my issues. First of all the story. I was really enjoying this but my god the game only lets you go seconds sometimes before it wrestles control away to land you in a cutscene. Sometimes a very bloody long cutscene or even multiple. You really have to sit down with some guaranteed generous amounts of spare time to make any progress because if something comes up your fucked. The story will take you soaring into the heavens, experiencing highs like nothing I’ve played. The boss fights are truly awe inspiring to look at and combined with the music, it’s just a joy to play. But after each important victory in the story the game will grind to a violent halt. And you will go from country altering battles to the death, to collecting wood from the carpenter for some peasant. Or collecting 2 flowers for a potion needed back at camp. I would sit with a cup of tea and eagerly anticipate making progress in the story but multiple times this was brought to a screeching halt for monotonous busy work.

Well simply avoid them. I could have and before I gave up I started to but the rot had already settled in. I started to really hate this games pacing. Also the side quests do offer some nice world building that I didn’t want to miss out on but at the same time the tasks that world building rewards is extremely mundane. I think just a focussed character action game would have been much better. Telling a tighter yet still epic tale of countries at war and shaving off the Rpg elements.

But Final Fantasy is a JRPG!! You can’t do that. Well I get that but this game is an RPG in name only. Clive levels up but your Clive is the same as mine in regards to levelling stats. The only things that change this are items Clive can wear and his sword. But they only ever seemed to offer extremely boring stat increases. Very little build diversity. And everyone will end up rocking the same sword if it’s the best in the game. The worst offender of the Rpg is the side quests though and they only ever seem to be in every game now a days to pad the run time and offer a breadth of content. It’s fucking boring. The game even includes an option to hold “Options” after completing a side quest to teleport instantly back to the quest giver and even this failed to elevate the tedium by hour 25. I’ve also heard there’s some really kick ass important side quests towards the end but I will never get that far because of the wall of shit before hand.

On to the combat. It’s damm flashy. It can sometimes look bloody amazing but when it comes down to it, your spamming R1. And you’re spamming it a lot because basic enemies have HP for days. I’m hitting generic men with Lightning and they get back up like it’s nothing. The combat is spam R1 until your Eikon abilities come off cooldown. You use them and then manage the cool downs whilst spamming R1. Rinse and repeat. The main story missions before each epic fights are also very meh. They so far in my experience revolve around sneaking into a base through a back entrance or tunnel, fight your way through generic enemies in extremely linear and boring hallways and fight a boss. After said boss you fight the main boss. This is the exciting part but getting there is tedious.

Boss fights. There’s two types In this game. Those as Clive and those as Ifrit, the Eikon of fire. The Clive boss fights are pretty cool but it’s the same cooldown management sim as the normal fighting. The Eikon fights are the games best feature but it’s all spectacle and very little engagement. Ifrit has a limited move set when compared to Clive so there’s more of violently molesting the R1 button. The fights are pretty much playable cutscenes and they are exciting but I realised the high isn’t worth the vast amount of sheer tedium that comes after. It hits harder than a backhand from Titan when I go from Nuking a giant monster to collecting soil samples.

So why did I play the game for 25 hours? Because I liked the world. I liked Clive, Torgal, Jill, Cid and Gav. I enjoyed the combat until I didn’t and I even enjoyed a few of the side quests. But it was death by a thousand cuts. Over time this game niggled and niggled at me until I was done with it. I’m 31 years of age and it’s finally hit me after years of playing games and collecting platinum trophies that it’s not worth it to sit there and force myself to complete a game I don’t find engaging. No one cares how many games I’ve completed or 100% finished. If I’m not having a good time the game has to go. So here we are. I’m not hating on anyone who does enjoy it or disagrees with me. I wish I loved this game. But I don’t.

Wow, I’ve had it pretty rough lately with gaming. I abandoned both Diablo 4 and Outer worlds back to back. I thought Bolt Gun was a sure fire recipe for success. I love old school looking graphics and Boomer Shooters. I loaded the game up and I had a blast in the first two levels. I loved the sense of weight behind the movement. The satisfying meatiness of the gunplay and resulting enemy deaths. The only thing that could hold it back a little was its reliance on following the basic Boomer Shooter gameplay formula. Survive arena shootouts and find a vast horde of keys to progress. The usual Red, blue and yellow keys. A lack of variety doesn’t really matter when the game feels this satisfying to blast through.

So why the low score? Well I played this on Nintendo Switch and my god it ran like absolute horse shit. The frames would drop continuously to the point where playing a full level felt like it was actively damaging my eyes. I managed to complete the first 7 levels on the hardest difficulty despite how badly it ran but I couldn’t face another two acts worth of levels in this state. It’s unplayable and I find it absolutely shocking the devs released this product for sale. The Logos at the start of the game when booted up can’t even run at 30fps. It’s a shame because if I had played this on another console I might have loved this but I have to talk about my experience and on Switch, this is a shit show. I think I will revisit this game down the line on another console in future.

- 20 hours played
- Level 50 Necromancer

I’ve seen the memes. #D4BAD. I’ve been watching from the shadows since release day. I’m not an ARPG guy. I loved Diablo 3 Reaper of souls but that’s about all my experience with the genre. I’m a casual. According to some D4 YouTubers, this game was made for me. The Casual Arpg player. But man did this game bore me to absolute tears.

I had to wait to snag this game on the cheap as couldn’t justify full price after the community response. £20 off eBay and I managed to get £1 an hour out of it yet those hours still feel wasted. This game encapsulates my main issues with the AAA game space at the moment. It’s HUGE!! First world problem incoming but it’s too big. Not every game needs to be open world. The exploration in this game feels pointless. You’re only ever moving the camera, getting attacked by mobs that walk into screen and clicking buttons to mass delete them. There’s nothing interesting to discover. Dungeons, basements and forts all play exactly the same. There is no variety to speak of in this game.

The combat is way too easy. I started in world tier 2 and desperately needed to up the world tier to increase the challenge. Yet that’s not possible until beating the campaign. With both the exploration and combat failing to hold my interest, I can’t force myself to complete it. I do not understand why difficulty is sometimes gated off from the start of a game. If I want to go straight in on hard, let me. It’s my experience. Combat also isn’t helped by lack of enemy variety. There’s lots of enemies in the game and they all look different but they all play the same. They group up and I destroy them in one or two button clicks. Boring.

The loot and levelling also didn’t do a lot for me. Loot only seemed to offer small increases in stats and I never really discovered any loot with exciting affixes during my 20 hours. Nothing that really changed up my gameplay. And the levelling disappointed me. I thought I would have 100 levels of skill points to craft my build but at level 50, you start putting skill points into the paragon tree instead which only offered boring build increases. + 5 intelligence etc. I would prefer a lower level cap with more exciting skill tree progression than this level 100 slog.

Another issue I have with gaming at the moment is side quests. There’s loads in every game and there’s loads in this one. They introduce a little bit of flavour here but it’s seasoning the same ole combat. No matter the goal of the quest the gameplay is always the same in diablo 4. And I wouldn’t mind that if the game was shorter but this game is huge.

And finally the visuals. This game does look good but its art style doesn’t appeal to me. It’s very drab and lifeless. The ambient music is also lacking and failed to inject some excitement.

All in all Diablo 4 is another very expensive AAA lifeless slog of a game looking to hoover up all my spare time. It’s not an objectively bad game. It’s well made. But it’s boring and for me that’s worse. I feel nothing for this game. I also wasn’t a fan of it being online only and asking me every time I loaded it up if I wanted to subscribe to ps+.