In the process of logging everything I've played, if it's not rated it means I haven't played it since I became an adult, and I don't trust my younger self to have good opinions, or I just don't remember it that well.
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The Light Brigade
The Light Brigade

Apr 17

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Peaks of Yore

Mar 28

Pokémon Legends: Arceus
Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Mar 28

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs

Feb 28

Little Witch Nobeta
Little Witch Nobeta

Feb 23

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Fun fact: 99% of gamblers quit just before they're about to hit it big

VERY enjoyable for the first 40 hours or so I put into it, however it became a slog for the next 40 as I worked to completely the post game content and complete the pokedex for the full ending.

One of those games that's great for filling the time when I'm going to bed in an hour and want to play something that will pass the time quickly but isn't intense or stressful. Hoping it becomes a fuller experience with updates as it seems like it would get boring if I played it for hours every day right now.