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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Jan 01

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It's a Starship Troopers inspired parody of a jingoistic humanity set in a dystopian future where we fight for survival with expendable soldiers and A LOT of firepower.

The gameplay is extremely enjoyable and the over-the-top patriotism, propaganda, and positive tone is the perfect spice. Its hard to not have a smile on my face as I personally am the strongest soldier(s) who is/are responsible for Super Earth continuing to be free.

One of my first games for Gameboy color (other being Pokemon Blue). My first intro to one of my favorite game series. What an absolutely incredible experience with a ton of references of which I only understood a couple. So many batteries emptied playing this game, genuinely felt like I was playing this for years. Even managed to convince my parents to get this strategy guide we stumbled upon in a gas station, finding that accidentally in Sweden gets more insane the more I think about it, must of been fate. That guide helped me see even more of my beloved game like the extra hidden temple that DX had added.

There is just something about riding into battle while blasting beats from your APC with all your buds