Early 30s

Gaming since I was 4. It's a lifelong special interest, so I have a lot of games still to play.

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I love gaming of all varieties, but please do not call me a "Gamer" <3 (/joke)
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Ms. Splosion Man
Ms. Splosion Man

Jun 21

Fallen Aces
Fallen Aces

Jun 21

Magic: The Gathering Arena
Magic: The Gathering Arena

Jun 21

Skeletal Avenger
Skeletal Avenger

Jun 20

Metal Slug Tactics
Metal Slug Tactics

Jun 19

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It's great fun with friends or randos and even potentially solo. Controls are simple and clear, the various monsters are interesting and all have their own tricks to their functioning, making for great situations of heroism and/or gruesome slapstick.

This game is absolutely adorable and I can't recommend it harder to anyone that enjoys cute games, platformers, and can hold any amount of joy within their hearts.

I swear, growing up, it felt like everybody hated this game for "not being like SMB1 or SMB3" but I always loved it. It's not my favorite of the mainline NES Mario games, but it's 2nd. It's charming, introduced tons of characters that would go on to become iconic to the series, and has a BANGING soundtrack. Give it a play and you're in for a great time.