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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
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The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga
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Apr 22

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition

Apr 21


Apr 21

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four

Apr 21


Apr 19

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Another game that I really REALLY tried to like. Again, I do not mind the graphics, but even the regular combat in this beat em up sucks. The levels are crap to explore too.

3 stars cause the music is bumpin'

Goddamn this was a fun motherfucker. While I was playing through all those Spider-Man games, a few people in chat mentioned this game to me as a good game to play involving comicbook heroes. Yup they were right.

Combat is so satisfying. Love the dismemberment, love the impact that a lot of your moves have. It's so fucking fun just drilling and cutting and slicing into dudes. Definitely makes you feel like you're Wolverine. Lot of cool ways to kill enemies with the environment, too.

Most of the locales are cool, with the entire Senitnel area being my favorite part of the game, as a huge X-men fan. Wish there were more X-men peeps but I guess they were limited to whatever was in the movie. I haven't seen the movie, for whatever that's worth.

Some of the areas, basically all of Africa, I got so sick of by the 4th time going back there. That and the entire final chapter kinda sours my opinion of an otherwise amazing action game. A lot of the design choices are hard for me to criticize, like the final boss and Sabretooth's designs, because they were forced to tie it into the movie.

9/10. Essential action game.

Excellent game, much better than I expected. Really wish I played this before now, but that's the point of going through our backlogs right?

Atmosphere is top notch, which I expect from From Software. The music was so chill, and often crazy in interesting ways. The weapon/armor/art system was cool, interesting seeing a game like this not involve leveling.

It's definitely an interesting adventure full of way different environments from each other, lot of cool 'puzzles' and a story that had me scratching my head, in a good way.

Hated most of the bosses, and often the gameplay was too simple, even for 2000 era From Software. Nothing debilitating but definitely why I might take a break before trying the sequel.

Worth a look if you enjoy video games.