if i could get @griffithmcelroy to play my comfort-vore game i would be incredibly happy
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Lovingly crafted and strongly directed. It's both confusing, weird, funny as much as it is heartbreaking, heart-on-sleeve honest and bleak. A game built on the juxtapositions between love and hate; life and death; and dream and reality, that also begs for one to understand the happiness that exists in the space between them despite it all

I-if there's a game that's ashamed of its identity, it's this one. W-w-what's the point of being in an alien world when all the jokes revolve around Earth stuff, right? REMEMBER, uh, APPLEBEES? I LAUGHED B-B-BECAUSE FUCKING I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!! S-S-S-SPACE APPLEBEES IS JUST SO F-FLIPPIN' CRAZY!!!
E-every joke in this is just so fucking unfunny, which is subjective I'll admit but as someone w-who enjoyed Rick and Morty S1&2 I'm just, uh, begging for them to try harder. Yes, some v-videogame shit is tedious, uh, you weren't funny the first time you told the joke about it, y'know? and it's not f-f-funny the fifth. Babbling on and on while overexplaining the joke isn't a punchline, r-right?. Y-y-y-you can't even run thru the horrible dialogue because the game sticks you in place so you just look at the, uhm, Simpsons a-aliens like a dumbass while they g-go on and on about how videogames are just so q-q-quacking crazy.
A-a-and if you thought the jokes were reiterative, the levels are worse! Barely t-t-two levels in and they start recycling the planets!!! And, uh, you know what they came up with for alien planet designs, huh? A-a desert and a jungle (but the folliage is purple!), and it doesn't stop there, the, uh, character designs are awful too. All of them are just, uh, "a-ant" or, uhm, "humanoid body with freaky head" and it's just so d-dull, y'know?. I'd say the game runs out of ideas quick but, uhm, that's implying it had any ideas in the first place. Only t-thing... only thing it has g-going for it is the premise of the living guns which is cool in theory but nothing in practice, specially with the main gun talking in the Justin, uh, Justin Roiland stammering dialect.
I can only give credit for, uhm, the gunplay which was f-f-fine but a lot of the ideas it are, y'know, half baked are best. Most of the special abilities don't even gel with the gun themselves! Shit!
The jokes; the ending; the repetition, it's all a mess. The game isn't even embarassingly bad, it's just bad. And if you thought this was annoying to read, just imagine having to hear it for ~10 hours.

I'm not particularly much of a Netflix user so I cannot really construct a model for your usual netflix show to make a proper comparison with it but I imagine your run of the mill canceled season one Netflix show can do much better than this. If you've never played this game (or even heard of it), We Are OFK's presentation is a sort of streaming UI pastiche (does that make sense..??). It attempts to emulate (and I believe nails) the interfaces of streaming services--particularly Netflix-- so for example the main menu looks like a desktop and you start the game by pressing on the episode you want to play, said episodes have a bar on the bottom that shows how long you have until the episode ends and they were released weekly in a span of 4 weeks, saves are like the little user icons on Netflix, etc.. It's screaming to get on Netflix's game tab but had to settle for Steam where the only movie you can get is the Indie Game movie (also available on Netflix).
We Are OFK follows the life of four friends as they try to live it up in L.A. while forming an emo a pop band. The main girl we follow in episode 1 is facing an unsurmountable difficulty: having to move into a new apartment and 😱having an ex! To help her, the player has to make some arbitrary decisions that probably don't change anything but they had to shove interactivity in there to make it a videogame.
The other character we follow, who is leagues more entertaining, is a not-Overwatch writer twink who is not allowed creative liberty on the newest character and instead has to write some lame shit. This causes him to leave it all behind and chase his pipedream: writing the Steven Universe musical. With the help of some woman, he begins to sing the first song of the game: Follow/Unfollow. Meanwhile, the main girl I mentioned before gets shitfaced drunk and you have to maneuver her through what I assume was an attempt at making some playable music video but it just sucks soooo much. Also idk what the lyrics have to do with the space opera the guy wanted to write but he's permitted to cook and then gets fired from not-Overwatch team. Then the episode ends. Actually it doesn't there's one more scene but he's not in it so whooooo cares
This is where I would love to have some knowledge in Netflix sludge because I have no frame of reference to understand if all Netflix shows are this lame. The main girl has NO shit going for her character and the game does a really bad job at making you care for her struggles which are so baseline insignificant. You're moving into L.A.. Boo-hoo. Wait 'til you see the digits on the rent. At least your friend has got something a REAL issue: working for the videogames industry.
And it's a shame because aside from the color palette I think the game looks real pretty but god the writing is so dull. I would've played more but my totally legal copy only came with 4 episodes and while I could totally just watch the last one on YouTube as the devs probably intended, I'm not gonna give them the satisfaction