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wasn't a perfect story, but it was pretty damn good in my opinion.
i feel like people hating on chapter 8 suffer from little ceasers syndrome

Completely and utterly unhinged in the best possible way. Nearly constantly baffling on a creative and technological level throughout the entire run time, and manages to be simultaneously creepy, unsettling, scary, funny, charming, interesting, and fascinating. How one of the most memorable gaming experiences I've had in a long time managed to be a Doom II wad dropped out of nowhere on a random Thursday is beyond me, but here we are. Play this and go into it as blind as possible.

MyHouse is completely normal there is nothing wrong with MyHouse its definitely not bigger on the inside or anything i promise

Wow! what a game. Almost everything here just works. incredible writing. incredible music. incredible characters. immaculate vibes. and a universe of off the wall ideas that just go for it. even in the places where it tedium or repetitiveness do appear they honestly heighten the rest of your expierence, there is an intention to the empty and vast areas you must traverse or the monotony in doing the side jobs to get the money you need.

I liked it when I was finally cowboy

Revisited this after playing a lot of Yume Nikki Online. Far from perfect, but the built in map system and multiplayer kind of transforms this from a game about wandering and maybe seeing something into a game about trying to find cool stuff with ur friends. Very fun.

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