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Dont put Fall in your title unless your name is Titan.

This game is absolutely fantastic, and i've sunk so many hours into it in such a short amount of time.
If you take everything that made the original XCOM and its predecessors so great and refined what was there, you get XCOM 2. It has a challenging but fair battle system that may throw off new players, but still have some challenge for veterans of the XCOM series. Most of the soldiers have been changed, but its for the better, considering some felt under-powered, and some felt too strong for their own good. As always, they can be customized to your liking, but that's been added to weapons as well. Tough and rewarding, XCOM 2 is a fantastic experience that will keep you engaged for a long time. I've sunk almost 30 hours into this game, and there's still alot that I haven't done.

I still dont get why this game was considered as a masterpiece.
I dont like stories that needs to make the rest of the cast so dumb and incompetent to make our main character look smart, cool and badass. That's precisely what happens here, the story isn't good at all.
And whats left of gameplay is just a shallow simple third person cover shooting that feels worse than Gears of War despite being released 3 years after.
Since the graphics aged badly i have no reason to pretend this game was ever good, and in a way this game is one of the pioneers of linear movie games, i just dont appreciate it in any shape or form.