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- 5/5: Masterpiece; Whatever flaws it has do not detract from the experience. It excels in everything it does.
- 4/5: Fantastic game; I would go out of my way to recommend this product--in other words: a must-play experience.
- 3/5: Great game; succeeds generally at what it is trying to do though its' flaws prevent it from becoming a must-play experience.
- 2/5: Good game; Fun, but that is all it is. Does not impress nor innovate in any unique or important way.
- 1/5: Bad game; fails to accomplish anything with minimal successes. Games with this ranking are rarely enjoyable.
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So I got to the Virgil fight, which is where all of the game's issues finally come to a head. The weird direction dependent dodging clashes with the fixed camera perspective (something I like in non-high action games) transforms the Virgil boss fight into a complete shitshow. The worst part is that it wouldn't even be worth shelving the game over if it wasn't for a twenty-minute item fetch-quest beforehand since the game only saves at the beginning of a level.

Shame, cause I would have loved to finish this, but I value my time too much to try again for now. Maybe one day, as I really do appreciate the gameplay and tone, which are sick as hell.

I tried for like an hour but this game is messy as hell. The new OST is really repetitive and the first person navigation sucks. Ultimately not really worth playing since it was an experiment of a product, fortunately, Persona 2 is the shit.

While the platforming is undeniably fun, the game takes too long to hit its stride, with the first several areas being very repetitive and uninteresting. The pacing is all over the place, with each area having an inconsistent number of levels and the boss fights all being not great.

The busker sequences at the end of each level are way too involved for what is clearly attempting to evolve the Kirby endlevel minigames, but the reason those work is because they are simple and quick. The busker sequences involve landing at the top of a layer-cake-esq contraption, with each level indicating a different amount of stars you can obtain from a quick-time event minigame, which is dreadful each time. It's just too much for what should be a quick end to a fun level.

This game's fatal flaw is the pacing, which is a shame because everything else is very well realized. While the story is nothing to write home about, being completely serviceable (and a bit cute near the end), it never really evolves beyond the solid core gameplay, which ultimately leaves it as an ambitious and fun platformer that never quite sticks the landing.