she/he/it. 17. trans lesbian. autistic. you can also call me Richard, Marie, Nyx, Snatcher or Nero.
I oppress gamers.
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A cry rings out. The room is engulfed in darkness, with just enough light to see the outline of a corspe as the camera pans over machinery.
As more of the room is revealed, the music intensifies and grows louder as that same cry is heard again. We can see computers and the dead bodies of scientists on the floor.
The source of the cry is finally identified: a single baby Metroid, stuck in a test tube. We zoom out to see the entire room, while the music beeps louder and louder. Finally, we hear a somber, yet familiar tune, as the title fades in.

This intro alone is enough to tell you that this game means business. It is such an improvement from Metroid II that it's almost unbelievable. I'm not going to bury the lead here, Super Metroid is one of the best games ever made. It is perfect in every regard and basically flawless. every positive thing you've heard about it are true. it is an absolute monolith of game design in every sense. from the story, to the art direction, to the atmosphere, the gameplay, the level design, the music, it is absolutely fantastic.

I'm honestly kind of stumped because, what do you want me to say? it's Super god damn Metroid! everyone and their mother has already sung their praises of this game, justifiably so. do you need to tell me that the movement is impeccable, that the power-ups are all amazing and satisfying to use, that the progression really makes you feel grow more and more powerful until you become unstoppable, how the game is challenging yet never unfair, how the world is a joy to explore and feels like a real place while giving you the freedom to choose how you advance, how the soundtrack is fucking incredible, how the graphics are absolutely gorgeous yet never once slowed down, how fun the bosses are to fight, how satisfying it is to find out a secret after you followed your intuition, how cool it is to sequence break even by a tiny amount, how the game actually freaked out a couple of times and genuinely jumpscared me once?

there's a reason Super Metroid is cited as a pillar of the metroidvania genre, because every single game in the same vein has been trying to replicate it, with the single exception being Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I'm not really one to oppose differing game opinions, even if they go against the majority, but if you wanna start talking shit about Super Metroid you better have some air tight arguments because you're going up against one of the greatest, most focused, well-designed and polished games to ever exist.

yeah I get it now. it truly is incredible. shame about Tick Tock Clock and Rainbow Ride tho

"Two steps forward, one step back" is how I would describe Metroid II: Return of Samus. for every genuine improvement made to the original game, and there are a lot, there's an unfortunate compromise made due to the inherent limitations of the GameBoy.

let's start with the improvements. for one, Metroid II is a lot less frustrating than its predecessor for multiple reasons. firstly, Samus is a lot less slipery, and so she no longer slips after landing. controlling her is snappy and responsive, and the floaty jump means it's very easy to land where you want to. the newly added abilities to crouch before entering the morph ball as well as shooting downwards are a god send and singlehandedly make the controls a lot smoother.
secondly, the level design is a lot less dickish. there's no massive dead ends, platforms are wider so they're easier to land on, no beginner's trap, as well as a lot more landmarks and unique rooms, meaning navigation is easier and you're less likely to get truly lost. Metroid II, unlike the first game, never purposefully wastes your time, which is greatly appreciated. this, coupled with the addition of save stations and energy/missile recharges, while few and far between and the latter being hidden, means the game overall is way easier.
additionally, enemies deal less damage, and due to the capacity of the GameBoy, creatures can't fill the screen without setting the poor console on fire, so there's less enemies and you're never overwhelmed. this allows creature design to also be more detailed ironically enough, as sprites are generally a lot bigger due to the reduced screen size. this means there's no slowdowns which is also appreciated, the game runs at a crisp 59.7 FPS and never dropped once. the only true challenge comes from the titular Metroids who can be pretty difficult to fight especially when they surprise you, though they're never unfair. I also appreciate the added enemy variety. the wildlife of SR388 all look and act distinct from one and another, a lucky side effect of the GameBoy not having color.
while in the first game, Samus started as weak and grew powerful, here Samus starts powerful and eventually becomes unstoppable thanks to the reduced damage and new abilities like the space jump, spider ball and spring ball which all make exploration a breeze. there's also the fact that enemies outside of Metroids never really attack you, they just kind of exist and accidentally are in your way, which I really like as a story detail: the only hostile entities on SR388 are the Metroids and Samus herself. the rest are merely living. smarter people have already analyzed the story which you can read if you're interested in, but I like how Samus rescues the one baby Metroid. it humanizes her in an unexpected way.

now, there are a few elements that are transferred over from the first Metroid, mainly the lack of a map, which while not as detrimental this time around due to the improved level design, still means it's easy to get lost. the final boss is also a frustrating damage sponge and an unnecessary difficulty spike, tho it doesn't throw a billion projectiles at you which is a definitive upgrade. you also can't have more than one beam type, meaning I was just using the ice beam for 95% of the game and renders all other beams functionally useless, which is a shame. there's also more energy tanks and beam stations that you can collect which is just a strange move that I don't fully understand.

now for the downgrades. notably, I don't think the screen crunch is too much of a problem here, since the game designers were smart and built the game around it. you're never unfairly attacked by enemies you couldn't see coming, and it's not disorienting. it replicates the feeling of exploring a dark, uncharted planet. I would've liked a bit more screen space but it's not the end of the world.
no, my biggest problem with Metroid II is that for 90% of the game, there's no music, and I don't know why! the music that is present is very good, and I know they could've made oppressing ambiant tracks because the original game had songs like that. here however, you're accompanied by silence most of the time which is a shame.
there's also no color at all, which just makes the environment feel very repetitive and more confusing than necessary. the game is also shorter and more linear, which means you don't really get to use your abilities to their full extent, rendering them kind of superfluous which is never something you want. the game is also very repetitive, since it follows the exact same formula with no real surprise.

overall though, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Metroid II! I consider it an improvement over the first game, with most of its flaws coming from the inherent limitations of it being a GameBoy game. this makes me very excited to see what Super Metroid is capable of, especially considering everything I've heard about it.