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This is an old school adventure game in a Hamtaro costume. You learn secret phrases, collect items, and solve puzzles. It's also cheesy and adorable. I unabashedly adore this game.

Si me encantó sin tener apenas gameplay no me quiero imaginar lo que sería jugarlo en la DS, el mejor a nivel narrativo de lo que he jugado de la saga.

La mejor historia de la saga sin ninguna duda, madura y sin política innecesaria, acompañada del mejor protagonista con mucha diferencia. Gameplay innovador respecto a GBA, narrativa muy cuidada y dificultad desafiante, altamente recomendable.

the exploration in this game is magical. on that first playthrough when you are exploring the great plateau and then find out how big the world actually is was crazy. going towards a story quest only to be distracted by a million different things but still having fun is what makes this game special. the dungeons aren't perfect and they kind of fumbled the bag at the end but the exploration where you can spend hours doing all this crazy stuff is what really sticks in my mind about this game. a must play for all switch owners

my mum got this game at a garage sale for like $2 when i was a kid. damn that person was an idiot. this game has a slow start and i will admit the tutorial sucks but after that this game is nearly perfect. in my opinion the overall dungeon design in this game is the best in the entire series and so many of this games dungeons are up there as some of my favorites. the items are also great and i mean you can ride a fidget spinner in this game. story is great. this is my second favorite zelda game but if it wasn't for nostalgia this would be my number one. if you have not played this game you owe it to yourself to play this masterpiece

The real beauty of this is that its one of the few games my dad has played already and we had fun reminiscing about how much he enjoyed it and Dragon Warrior(Quest) as a kid. I love my dad and every time I get to have a moment like that with him, it becomes one of the most important I ever remember

this game is a classic and without it we would not have a lot of our favorite games today. but going back to it is very tough. the game is very cryptic and its a hard one to enjoy unless you have a guide. i respect the hell out of this game though even if i don't enjoy it that much

best platformer I have played in years.

Such a comfy Zelda game.
Sure it's not everything people love from these games, it's stripped way back for the GBA, but I like it for exactly that reason.
This was the first Zelda game I actually beat by myself. It didn't make me feel overwhelmed and unengaged.
every other Zelda game for me went like this: man this game is cool, shame I'll never finish it.
until this one.
This one just hit right, and made me feel cool.

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