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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

May 22

Bad Time Simulator (Sans Fight)
Bad Time Simulator (Sans Fight)

May 17

Pokémon Run & Bun
Pokémon Run & Bun

May 12

Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64

May 11

Super Princess Peach: Parasol Fall
Super Princess Peach: Parasol Fall

May 07

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I can appreciate the original Sonic Riders and its Learn It or Get Fucked style of gameplay that Sega seemed to love back then, that's fun in its own right, but I can also appreciate the much simpler, easier to get into style of Zero Gravity. They're both fantastic games for different reasons.

Zero Gravity has the best main theme out of any Sonic game.
Original has JET THE BERD

At some point, I'm going to have to realize where my tenacity or perseverance ends. This should hopefully be that point.

I can't even rate it, it is fun at times, planning for fights and watching them come to fruition can be euphoric as all hell. But that's my problem especially, is seeing them fucking work. After giving it another feeble run in the hopes of at least making it past Brawly, I realized that nothing in my box could handle the very first boss's Croagunk, my best bet being the Salandit in my party that could wall out its fighting and poison type damage, while also avoiding being poisoned by its ability. What I did not account for, was getting my defense lowered three times in a row by Rock Smash, promptly followed by a switch-in to Chimchar, who I assumed would be able to last a few turns to finish the rest of it off. He didn't. He died to a Belch crit.

I don't have the mentality to continue running this game. Not when my luck is abhorrent as it always is. I can see where the fun is, but I can never make it to that point. I am never finishing this game, and on the off chance I ever do, it won't be in a way that feels satisfactory, and by then, it just isn't fun.

Play it if you're confident, by no means am I not recommending Run & Bun since it's definitely a challenge at least worth giving a try, hundreds if you're that confident. I'm not, though. Which is why I'm dropping it without a rating.