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Pretty good! Has some issues but i’m always willing to support a rhythm game in the mainstream considering how niche the genre is. Besides bugs, one of the biggest issues was just the lack of (good) content. the songs chosen aren’t that great and not even just in the sense that i don’t like them. most of the songs chose just don’t translate into charts that are fun to play. most of the songs picked are boring pop songs with easy and repetitive charts. i highly regret buying seven nation army cuz now everyone is trying to play that boring ass song from my shared library and it makes me never wanna play online. speaking of never playing online, i fucking hate featured songs! due to what i assume is the quest from playing featured songs, everyone pick them in online lobbies. hearing barbie girl that many times can drive a person insane! looking forward to season 2 and i hope they shape fortnite festival into its own thing throughout its lifetime. hoping for some variety in the venues, more interesting songs, and maybe even customizable lanes. so many features they could add to the game so i really hope improve this game a lot more.

Not rating cuz I couldn't even make it thru a single race, but like genuinely what is the deal with this game. Like who the fuck does this game think it is.

My go to rhythm game anytime I'm at Round 1. I have spent an unbelievable amount of money on this game just to have some bald guy with a bandana tied around his head steal my spot after refilling my card and kill it. Plenty of great tracks to pick from and they all feel great to play. Need to get back to Round 1 someday to play this again.