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I would rate this game lower because of some of the art looking a little crusty and the abrupt ending that the average player is likely to get, as well as how poorly explained many of the plot points are, but I'm a big fan of the branching story tree and the fact that it has full voice acting, which is an insane ask for any VN, let alone a fairly niche unknown name like this.

it's creepy and mysterious at times, but does start to buckle under the weight of its story and the choices of its seven(!!!) protagonists towards the end

uno N-bomb @ 3:17

terrible thought: the lower class we had been demeaning (vita players) might have been on the right side of history

its 2d air juggle combo game with lite-ivalice art, lite-ivalice story, real-ivalice music - how could i be honestly mad at all

the only things i can really complain about is its small scope, quite a bit of repeating levels and some slow menus, but generally i am cumming . i am comboing and i am cumming. i am doing a cumbo


unfortunately mogs all other personas by having the evoker method being the most kinomatic shit of all time

I can only really compare it to 4 at this point but it's so much more focused and handles its theming much better. some social links are pretty cringekino but another one made me cry . you win some you lose some

ultimately it's just a cool ass game - i wish tartaros was about 70% shorter but nevermind that, ill forgive you.

i then found out that "the answer" that everyone is talking about is approximately 70% more tartaros - i think this was a stupid decision made by an idiot. in fact it might have been the stupidest decision made in japan for all of the early 2000s. i put in about 2 hours before i decided its best played through on a youtube playlist. if i had decided to play it my rating likely would have dropped by at least a full star . thats okay . just dont play it unless youre really really dumb

A worse version of exit 8. If you like the anomaly game style you'll probably like this. Or tolerate it. Or at least not hate it. Its definitely not as well put together. In fact there was an auditory bug that made me convinced an anomaly was present when in fact it was a simple bug. There's actually a story present, but this kind of game never needs one, so no extra points.
Slop game. At least its short enough to get it refunded if you aren't satisfied.

Its a 2 (3 if you're generous)/5 brain fog autoslop simulator. But it earns five stars for making everyone mad forever.

There's a subset of people in the middle of the bell-curve thinking they're on the right of the bell-curve talking about addiction behavior, casino aesthetics, and blah blah. As if anyone who has ever held a phone before couldn't immediately identify this.
Ignore them. It's your average redditor pontificating circle-jerk. VS a mediocre game with limited customization. Good at passing the time, but little else. If you like this game, you should play other roguelikes.
Ableism sucks! Trans rights! Whoooooh!

less of a "sequel to dragon's dogma" and more of a "what if dragon's dogma had a budget"

the peaks are absolutely insane but there's still a lot of conflicting subsystems and rpgjank - i was really hoping for they'd add more non-boss monsters (they added uh.. slimes) so you're not just fighting saurians 80% of the time but alas. the new big guys are really fun and the world design is spectacular. i just be running around looking for caves. i be in the caves, mining, digging- you wouldnt get it.

let me be clear, i like the limited fast travel, i like the friction, i like the only-one-save-file-deal-with-it approach. but i also wish i could, like, ask a pawn to throw me over a river or whatever, and like, maybe access more than 4 abilities without having to go to the Menu Stone. or co-op! imagine co-op! goodness! these are the kinds of things i expected to be expanded - they were not. maybe thats on me.

oh it does also run like shit but like, cry about it....

At first glance I was really critical of this game. Ripping off several themes, gameplay, even explicit puzzles from other titles. But you know what, I fuck with it. The gunplay is incredibly clunky, by design though. I wouldn't call it fun, but there is this draw that makes me want to play through it again to experience that part again. The story doesn't matter, don't even think of that shit. But everything else kinda kicks ass. Especially the atmosphere. There's a dread/relief cycle of exploring/fighting and then back tracing for puzzles and
All in all, worth the 2.5 hours it took me to complete. Definitely worth the time, probably worth the price (esp if on sale)

This review contains spoilers

Let me preface this review by saying if you believe in solipsism or tulpas, then you need to be boiled in shit.
"Ah, but you see. You can't say with 100% certainty that the mind-" - the girl reading this, right before being boiled in shit.
Honestly I'm not sure where this game could have gone if it didn't introduce the supernatural stuff. It could have been a comfy cozy neurodivergantpilled simulator. But not, it had to add ARG shit.
"B-but saying it has ARG is a spoiler!"
Shut up. I'm tired of buying games and having the rug pulled with tumblr mechanics. Its not even necessary. It could have been completely removed and we'd be missing like, a few endings at best. Half of them suck anyway. If anything the dev is risking Elon Musk fucking X.com up and having dead links in his game.
The only times I felt legitimate fear or discomfort were the 'normal' interactions at school. Everything else sucked.
I guess what I'm trying to say is if you like homestuck, then give it a go. Also if you like homestuck I have some space reserved in my cauldron of boiling shit specifically for you.


- 1 gorillion animation dollar budget
- industry standard setters of cutscenes and environments
- ....
- the worst act of the original game
- far cry tower
- far cry outpost
- far cry crafting
- open world with movement worse than zelda on the n64
- seriously, it's like ps1 tomb raider
- 3(!!) great chapters
- 11 uhhh other chapters
- story reliant on having played evercrisis and the free to play mobile battle royale????
- nojima 😡😡😡
- at least 3 hours spent in the materia menu
- the same bosses you fought in remake 3 times, 3 times
- the worst fucking minigames you've ever touched
- all the most annoying characters from anywhere else in the extended series
- benches?
- every action or animation locking you in for several extra unnecessary seconds
- shipbait
- tifa and aerith randomly deciding to act like harem anime characters for like 2 cutscenes
- fans who only read the title of the game and gave 5 stars on release date (all your reviews and ratings should be deleted)
- cait sith...?
- filler filler boat filler filler filler
- michael bay audio mixing
- bloated combat
- the sphere grid for some reason (but worse)
- "ahh cloud-kun you nearly touched mmy l-l-l-lips baka" yuffie
- crate puzzles you solve in 3 seconds and then spend 3 minutes doing

This is not the worst game I ever played, but it might be the most disappointed I've ever been going blind into a sequel of a game I liked. Before leaving a comment, please read the "Common Copes (CC)" section below. Thanks in advance.


C: But the original also had this many mini-games!
A: That was a shit part of the original too.

C: But the original also had this much filler!
A: That was shit too.

C: But in the original you also had to fiddle this much with materia!
A: That was also shit. Please just be normal and don't say all these silly things

C: I think this game is awesome man!
A: You must have Gone Gaga!


If this kind of Ubisoft remake happened to my favorite RPG my only review would be a LiveLeak video.